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‘Gold Rush’ Producer Revealed the ‘Crux’ of What Makes Show Great

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Since the show began, viewers have been drawn to Gold Rush. Folks have been chasing that shiny yellow metal for hundreds of years. There is something about gold that keeps people’s attention, especially the search for it.

Perhaps the same desires and instincts that fueled the historic gold rush movements in the 1840s-1890s fuel the interest in the show. Or, perhaps there is something else going on there. Show producer, Christo Doyle sure has some thoughts about why folks love the show. Of course, he gets to see all the behind-the-scenes moments and more. So, he knows what is at the core of these shows and the folks on them.

Doyle spoke with Men’s Journal about what is at the heart of the show. The thing that draws viewers in every week and every season. There is more than just searching for gold that brings in the eyeballs.

“Can a guy make it in America anymore? That’s the crux of the show. They’re three very relatable groups of people who have thrown caution to the wind, and they’re fighting the elements to try and make it. It’s not even really about gold – it’s about the American dream,” Doyle explained.

That makes a lot of sense when you look at a guy like Tony Beets, someone who came from the Netherlands to Canada in the late 1990s. From there, he made his way into the industry and worked his way up to make a living for himself and his family. His whole family gets in on the business. Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, and Rick Ness all have crews on Gold Rush worth admiring.

‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Regrets Tony Beets Deal

Speaking of guys like Beets and Schnabel, the two do work together at times. In one of their most recent dealings, the two came to a close on a royalty deal. Schnabel wanted to stake a claim at Mud Mountain. Hoping it would produce 8000 ounces of gold, it isn’t looking promising. Not to mention, he needs 3000 ounces from the airstrip lease.

When Tony Beets makes a deal on Gold Rush, that deal isn’t going to be renegotiated. Once it is done, it is done. Parker is learning that now with his royalty deal. On a recent episode, he said, “The deal we’ve got with Tony is a little bit weird on the old royalty front. … They [Beets] don’t budge on it, so I’m done talking to a wall about it.”

While the Gold Rush stars deal with that bit of conflict, Schnabel and the crew need to find some gold. They have some large numbers they want to meet and they are going to have to give it their all to meet them. Perhaps the young mine boss will think of a solution before it is too late.