‘Gold Rush’ Reflects on Season Filled With Fights and Explosions

by Jonathan Howard

The kind folks at Gold Rush put together a great video showing the best moments from Season 11 from fights to explosions and more. So let’s take a look down memory and look at some intense scenes from the show.

Things are almost always tense on the job site. Mining is not an easy job and rarely a fun job. When tensions flare, screaming and yelling matches can start. It hits every crew, no one is without their drama. However, there were definitely some fights bigger than others. There were also highs to go with those lows, like breaking records in the middle of a pandemic.

Check out the video below and see if your favorite scene from Season 11 made the cut in the almost 8-minute long video.

Kendell Madden is always having to fight with someone on the crew. A lot of times, things end up like they did in the video. Kendell, the foreman on the job with years of experience, explains why one of his guys should be listening to him and not running their mouths.

After that shouting match to get things started in the Gold Rush highlights, we see one of the most memorable moments from the show in recent years. Tony Beets had a truck blow up. Mike was driving and parked it while he waited for others to get through. An electrical fire started and soon enough the cab of the truck was ruined. No one hurt, so they brushed off their shoulders and kept going.

‘Gold Rush’ Schnabel Hit New Record in Season 11

As the video goes on, there are more great moments, however, it ends with one of the best. When the season was all said and done, Parker Schnabel had traversed a pandemic and still kept mining gold. He managed to keep the virus out of camp and was able to walk off with a new record of gold, mining over 7500 ounces. It helped guarantee everyone’s jobs and gave him a new record for gold mined in a season. Not too bad for the Gold Rush star.

That haul brought in over $14 million in total gold mined. That’s a pretty penny for all the hard work that the crew does on the site. With cameras recording almost their every move, the Schnabel crew has found what works. Now, that mindset from Season 11 has carried over into the new season. Gold has to be dug.

So, the Gold Rush crews are back digging in the ground looking to make that next paycheck. If they are able to make yet another record, that would be wild! However, Schnabel is trying his hardest to get those little shiny pieces out of the ground. Moving locations, trying new tactics. All of that and more in the latest season.