‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Explains Why He Doesn’t Mind His Nickname

by Michael Freeman

A staple of the Gold Rush series, Rick Ness has had his share of ups and downs as the show progressed. This led to him often being called the “Comeback Kid,” a moniker he says he actually doesn’t mind.

Recently speaking to Hollywood Soapbox about the show and its spinoff, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune, Rick Ness fielded a few in-depth questions about the franchise. One question referred to his nickname and how he felt about it. As it turns out, he’s rather indifferent. Ness begins, “I don’t mind that at all, honestly. I would rather be that than the loser, I guess. I did have a bad season where it was damn close, where it could have gone either way.”

Ness continues, “I almost lost everything, and if I had, then I wouldn’t have the chance to be the comeback kid. So I just eeked it out and kind of broke even and had an opportunity to come back, and I feel like I came back in a big way.”

He has a point about it being preferable to losing, not to mention people love an underdog story. Upon further reflection, he says he’s proud of the title. “So, in a way, I am proud of that title because it takes a lot. You’ve got to dig pretty deep to get out of some of these places that I’ve gotten myself into, and I have with the help of my crew and my girlfriend and everything. So, yeah, I don’t mind that title at all. They can use it as long as they want, I guess.”

Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune premiered July 30 this year and explores what the miners do in the off-season.

Rick Ness Talks About the Year He ‘Almost Lost Everything’

Called the “Comeback Kid” for a reason, Rick Ness has a knack for bouncing back from sticky situations. This year, he sat down with the Idaho Press and talked about how he “almost lost everything” in 2019.

It all started when he purchased Monster Red from the Hoffmans. To say things went poorly is an understatement. Ness didn’t even come close to breaking even when all was said and done. Making the issue even worse is the fact he went into debt again, something he never wanted to do.

“And the big thing that I hated about that year was that I went into debt for the first time in well over a decade,” Ness lamented. “I prided myself as an adult not going into debt, not taking out loans, not spending money that I don’t have. I bought that wash plant, Monster Red, with a down payment, and I had every intention of paying it off by the end of that year. And, it just didn’t work out.”

Luckily, in the end, things did work out. Call it a comeback, I suppose.