‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Opens Up on Relationships on the Job, How Friends Have ‘Come and Gone’

by Joe Rutland

Rick Ness has been through a lot of things while being involved as a gold-mining team member and owner while on “Gold Rush.”

Ness was a member of fellow miner Parker Schnabel’s team at one time. He would peel off and form his own group of miners.

But Ness has had different situations around relationships and friends throughout his time on “Gold Rush.” He talked about it in an interview with Idaho Press.

“Yes, well, that, that was my whole goal all along,” Ness said about making an impact on his friends’ lives. “Right. If you remember from the beginning when I went on my job site and leading up to me going out on my own, I had a lot of success personally, and I understood that I had an opportunity to going out on my own.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Admits He Wanted To Help Other Friends Achieve Success

Ness admits that he knew about having an opportunity to help other people achieve success, too.

“I didn’t want to do that for people I didn’t know,” the “Gold Rush” star said. “I wanted to do that for people I cared about. So that’s why I brought my friends with me, and some have come and gone, and there are no hard feelings. We’re also friends.”

Ness admits that he knows what he does for a living isn’t for everyone. He wanted to give people he knew a chance to join in the successful path of gold mining. Some friends have gone and some have stayed around like Chris Kruse.

“He’s a better fit for this than any of the other friends I brought up here,” Ness said. “So, yes, he’s still with me. And I think that a lot of things have changed for him. But I think he’s still enjoying it. That’s for sure.”

Ness Does Keep His Eyes On Getting Gold In Klondike Region, But It’s Getting Tough

“Gold Rush” is part of the Discovery Channel lineup. Ness joined the show in its second season, then became a mine boss in the show’s ninth season.

Other miners on the show include Parker Schnabel, Roger Schnabel (Parker’s father), Fred Dodge, Tony Beets, and Chris Doumitt.

Ness keeps his eyes on getting his gold in the Klondike. But he knows that it’ll be a struggle both now and in the future.

“They’re not making any more ground with gold in it,” he said in an interview with Looper.

“There is still, I would say, a lot of ground left in the Klondike with gold in it,” he said. “But the fact of the matter is that it’s getting harder and harder to get back to that ground.”