‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Is Living ‘Boat Life’ Thanks to ‘Big Sexy Iron’ of His Day Job

by Amy Myers

When Gold Rush star Brennan Ruault isn’t working on the mining operation with Rick Ness, he’s out enjoying one of his many hobbies. And this time, he decided to take his boat out for a spin.

Ruault has quickly become an essential part of Rick Ness’s Gold Rush team since switching from Parker Schnabel’s crew. Now that he’s on the new team, Ruault has helped his boss see some major success. Not surprisingly, he has little extra room in his budget for big buys like a fishing boat.

Now that he has a bit of time off before the next mining season, the Gold Rush star recently boasted his waterfront ride on Instagram.

“Just living the BOATLIFE! And some big sexy iron in the second pic making the BOATLIFE possible,” Ruault wrote.

He decided to give his boat the cheeky name of “The Dirty Buttshole,” a reference to the popular, dry-humored Canadian show Letterkenny. Even a few fans in the comments got the reference, imploring Ruault to even get a sticker of one of the characters from the shows on his boat.

Of course, Ruault had to give credit to the machine that made his leisure life possible, the massive 475 dozer that he uses during Gold Rush. Along with the photo of his boat, he also included a shot of the giant, mud-pushing machine.

What Else Does the ‘Gold Rush’ Star Do in His Free Time?

Besides his adventures on the water, the Gold Rush star has also opted for a new set of wheels. Back in November, Ruaualt shared a photo of his shiny, black Harley Davidson.

“Wooooooooooooohooooooo finally got my Harley!!! This bad boy is insane, it has the 131 stage4 and pulls like a freight it was a sad sad day selling my first bike the year I started gold mining so I been saving my pennies ever since and picked this beauty up,” the Gold Rush star said of his new ride.

Not all of Ruault’s off-time activities involve a big motor, though. When there’s enough snow on the ground, the Gold Rush star straps on a pair of snowshoes and breaks a sweat while trekking up a mountain. According to Ruault, this is the best way to get in shape for sledding, another wintry passion of his. Once in peak condition, he and a few friends will shred through the powder together.

“Snowshoeing will get a guy in shape for sled season wow that’s a workout! And I had my new @bruntworkwear boots on!” he wrote.