‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Gets Caked in Mud on Dig With Aussie Miner Tyler Mahoney

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Butow/Corbis via Getty Images)

A few weeks back, Gold Rush worlds collided when a trio of stars from Discovery’s various spinoffs came together to work with one another.

Recently, Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune star Fred Lewis teamed up with Gold Rush mining prodigy Parker Schnabel and the show’s fourth-generation Australian miner Tyler Mahoney. The three gold miners set out together for what looked like a fun day, albeit a muddy one.

Mahoney took to Instagram to show off a series of seven photos from their day working together. The crew used a dry blower machine to extract gold and you could tell by the pics. Dry blowing is a method that miners use to extract gold particles from dirt and rock without utilizing water. The technique is a form of winnowing, but it can get messy as is evidenced in Mahoney’s photos.

The mining team full of Gold Rush stars were at work while visiting Mahoney’s home country of Australia. After using the dry blower, Mahoney and Lewis are seen covered in red dirt from head to toe. Schnabel got creative though and wore goggles and a face covering that might have minimized the dust and dirt. Mahoney also shared a photo of a pan with plenty of small rocks of gold from their work. Finally, in the last photo, Lewis looks joyous after a long day of hard work as he gets a round of beers for the crew.

“Tell me you’ve been working with a dryblower all day without telling me you’ve been working with a dryblower all day. Good times,” Mahoney wrote on Instagram.

“Miss this and I even miss dry blowing,” Lewis added in Mahoney’s comment section.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Sends His Son To Work With Tony Beets In Hopes of Adjusting His Attitude

In one of last week’s episodes of Gold Rush, Army veteran turned gold miner Fred Lewis had gotten tired of his son-in-law Christopher’s attitude. Therefore he decided to drop him off to work with the toughest guy he know – Tony Beets. As Lewis explains in the episode, it’s free labor for Beets and his crew. In return, the King of the Klondikes might just set Christopher straight.

“I know this may come as a little bit of a surprise. And it may be a little overwhelming,” Fred says to Christopher as he drops him off with Tony.

Supposedly, the Gold Rush star’s son-in-law has had a bad attitude while working on Lewis’ crew’s dig site. Christopher has antagonized Lewis’ team recently, and Fred wants to put an end to it immediately. Since Beets is known for his no-nonsense ways, Lewis figures he might be able to get him back in line.

“So what you’re trying to do is pawn your problems off to me,” Beets said to his fellow Gold Rush star as his crew laughed.

“I want you to make it clear to him that he doesn’t know everything. He’ll be free labor for a few days,” Lewis says to Beets before the longtime miner agrees to the task.

“I don’t know if he wants it, but I do,” Lewis added.