‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Has Hopes for Riches Dashed by Land Owner

by Thad Mitchell

With a new season of “Gold Rush” running its course on the Discovery Channel, fans are catching up with their favorite miners.

Often with “Gold Rush,” more individuals have thoughts of striking it rich in the gold mining industry. It is a task that is far easier said than done as first-time gold diggers learn the treacheries of the mining business. Still, it isn’t enough to stop people from uprooting their comfortable lives and heading to gold-rich regions. Perhaps the success of “Gold Rush” and its excellent ratings have something to do with that. Witnessing someone strike it rich and becoming a millionaire in short order is very enticing to practically everyone. Still, only a fraction of gold miners hit huge paydays during their gold mining days.

“Gold Rush” often introduces new characters to the show as more people try their hand at mining. Military Veteran Fred Lewis was introduced to viewers just a season ago in 2020. Lewis quickly became a fan favorite when it was revealed that he is a former Special Forces medic. Enticed by the riches to be found in the mountains of the midwest, Lewis put together a team and went to work. His time on “Gold Rush” has been filled with “up and down” moments. One “down” moment came in a recent episode.

Talk about a tough break. The new “Gold Rush” star thought he had hit the jackpot, coming with his richest pan of gold to date. Lewis discovered the gold in rural Arizona in previously unmined territory. Hoping to find even more gold in the area, his dreams were dashed when the owner of the property kicked him and his team out.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Finds Tough Treading in Mining Industry

The “Gold Rush” newcomer could barely contain his excitement when he learned of the Arizona desert property. After being shown high-quality gold found in the stretch of property, the team is convinced that have found a winner.

“After a promising start, a dispute with the landowner has forced Lewis and his team off of the property,” the narrator says.

Quickly leaving the premise, Lewis makes the understatement of the year after reflecting on what just happened.

“This world that we have entered into is cutthroat,” he says while hurrying away from Midas Creek.

With no claim to prospect, Fred Lewis and his team regroup and try to figure out their next move. Even if the Midas Creek property owner changes his mind, it would be tough for them to set up for a mine before the season is up.

It’s a tough lesson that the “Gold Rush” star has to learn the hard way but that is the name of the game in the gold mining game.