‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Often Mentions His Military Career, Fans Debate Why

by Amy Myers

After serving in the Army as a Green Beret medic, Fred Lewis decided to dig deep and join the cast of Gold Rush. But his time on the show so far has been rocky – and not in a good way. From rookie mistakes to just plain lack of experience, Lewis’ crew has seriously suffered from some of his oversights.

However, what bothers fans most about the Gold Rush star isn’t his lack of knowledge on the site. Rather, it’s the fact that he mentions his prior military career so often. On Reddit, one fan started a conversation that sparked theories and responses to Lewis’ constant mention of his time in the Army.

“Dump Fred Lewis and his entire crew off Gold Rush. They are a waste of time to watch and an embarrassment to the legit miners working. If you won’t do that…at the very least STOP playing the ‘veteran’ card with them,” the author of the post pleaded.

“It’s not even just ‘veteran’, we get ranks, awards, injuries, etc.. it’s too much,” one fan concurred.

But others pointed to the possibility that Lewis isn’t the one advocating for the Green Beret angle on Gold Rush.

“Discovery decides what’s aired in editing, they’re writing Fred’s scripts (there are scripts), the fact you don’t realize this, is just ignorance on your part,” one fan countered.

‘Gold Rush’ Star’s ‘Stepson’ Joins the Conversation

According to Parker’s alleged account, he “lurks every now and then” on the show’s subreddit when it mentions him or his stepdad’s crew. Usually, his responses are fairly mild, only offering a quick thanks when fans express how much they like Parker on the show. This time, though, the user wanted to clarify a few things about the show.

“Imma be 100% honest, the biggest thing people diss on my crew for is how Fred always talk about how he’s a vet and all that, I’ve seen a couple take guesses about how it might be the show portraying us that way, and guess what, it is,” the user explained.

“As with all ‘reality tv shows’ there is a loose script of what’s needed, and with us there’s a lot of takes where we were talking and the film crew telling us to say it again but to ‘relate it to the army’. And if we don’t, they just won’t film us, so if we want screen time that what we kinda have to do,” the Gold Rush star’s alleged account shared.

The user went on to say that Lewis actually “hates” when the show forces him to mention his experience in the army, but he stopped himself before saying any more in fear that he would violate the show’s restrictions.