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‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Appears to Be Having Fun on the Job

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Professional Bull Riders)

Even though gold mining is a rough and tough business, that doesn’t mean the stars of Gold Rush can’t have fun. Mine boss Parker Schnabel is among the more serious cast members, and with a several-million-dollar operation on the line, who could blame him? But every now and then, Schnabel will show his more humorous side.

On Instagram, the Gold Rush star shared a photo of himself with a member of the camera crew, Danny Etheridge. In the shot, Schnabel smiled wide as the cameraman pretended to take a bite out of a brick of gold. Even though Etheridge isn’t technically a part of Schnabel’s crew, he seems to have developed a good relationship with him.

Take a look at the hilarious moment.

The Gold Rush star also tends to share plenty of off-camera moments that relate to his gold mining exploits. Recently, Schhabel visited a jeweler named Bruce Schindler who uses “raw gold.”

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Some jewelers will add other metals to increase the durability of the jewelry, but according to Schnabel, Schindler makes his pieces from 100 percent pure gold.

“Had a great chat with Bruce @schindler.gold about making some jewelry and stuff out of our gold, he does hand made work with raw gold, no other metals added, melted straight from the creek- It’s pretty awesome,” he said of the encounter, adding, “Think it’s a good idea ?”

Along with a photo of the two gold experts, the Gold Rush star included a few photos of Schindler’s handmade pieces, including a chain necklace and an infinity symbol pendant.

And Schnabel’s not the only one that’s been bitten by the jewelry bug. Fellow Gold Rush star Kayla Johanson runs her own homemade jewelry shop on Etsy called Peeking Doe. When she’s not filming for the show or operating her own dredge, she’s creating new pieces of jewelry, which range from gorgeous stone and sterling silver pendants to trendy charms. For her pieces, Johanson will frequently incorporate gold nuggets that she finds while diving in white water rapids. She even wears the first ever bit of gold she dredged in a necklace.

Johanson’s business not only taps into a different part of the gold industry but also provides a creative outlet after an intense day at the dredging site. And from the looks of her Etsy page, she’s incredibly talented.

Yesterday, the Gold Rush star shared some of her latest projects on Instagram.