‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Attempts to Conquer Mud Mountain in New Clip

by Jonathan Howard

With the way things are going for Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel and his crew, he has to take some drastic measures to conquer Mud Mountain.

Right now, for these miners in the Yukon, it is prime sluicing season. Basically, this is the time of year where there is sunlight 24/7, they can run water and process the dirt to get to the gold without dealing with frozen chunks of material. If a rig isn’t running, that could mean six-figure losses per day.

In the latest clip from Gold Rush, we see that Schnabel is going to do the unthinkable. He is shutting down a wash plant and not just any wash plant. Check out the teaser for this Friday’s episode below.

“We got a problem,” Parker says to start. “Mud Mountain, like that, is a ‘this season’ thing. We have to go in there and get it done, or we lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. More likely in the millions. We need people in machines and we just don’t have anybody. The only solution I’ve come up with is we’ve got to shut a plant down. I think ‘Sluicifer’.”

“I don’t like saying we bit off more than we can chew, but we did,” the mine owner continued. “Mud Mountain has to get done.”

So, things aren’t looking great for the Schnabel crew. However, if this works out, Mud Mountain could produce enough gold to make up for the loss of Sluicifer. The Gold Rush star is trying to play chess, not checkers.

There are going to be some long shifts on the job site coming up.

12-Hour Shifts Are Normal, That Could Change

While the 8-hour workday is the hope of many, that isn’t the reality for workers in the mining business. The crews on Gold Rush are used to working 7-7. While that is a lot of hours, they could be working more on this new Mud Mountain excursion. Not only will they shut down a wash station, but they will also move the workers over to the new prioritized area.

The airstrip is set to keep going, however, these changes are going to be major for the crew. Schnabel has made gambles in the past that have paid off. Is Mud Mountain going to be worth the headache?

‘Gold Rush’ Continues This Friday

Not only are we getting the new episode of Gold Rush, but we are also going to be treated to a night full of dirt and gold. White Water and The Dirt will both have new episodes following the original show. So for those that don’t get their fill from Mud Mountain can watch the wild white rapids.

Then, fans can finish the night with the behind-the-scenes show The Dirt. Get all the fun stories and moments you don’t usually see on the show.