‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Breaks Down How Much the Average Miner Makes

by Amy Myers

Considering how much work it takes to actually strike gold on Gold Rush, you’d think that the compensation for being a part of one of the stars’ teams would be pretty competitive. Not only are these crew members working from literally sun-up to sun-down, but they also put themselves at risk by working in extreme conditions with huge machinery.

On Reddit, one Gold Rush fan recalled that mine boss Parker Schnabel once spoke to his crew’s salary, stating that a rock truck driver earned $40,000 CAD a year. Once the fan did the math, they revealed that this equated to an hourly wage of $18.18 CAD. But according to Schnabel’s Reddit account, u/GOLD_DIGGER, this was almost $10 CAD less than the actual wage.

“So Right now we are starting people at $28/hr CAD,” the Gold Rush star explained to the author of the post.

According to Schnabel, his team works an average of 75 hours a week (yikes!), meaning that they receive $1,120 for the regular 40 hours. As for overtime, the team gets time and a half for their wage, meaning they earn $42 for every extra hour. This means on an average week, the Gold Rush stars work an additional 35 hours, resulting in an extra $1,470 on their weekly paycheck.

So, “$2590 a week gross, we usually work about ~25 weeks so gross earnings would be around 65K pre bonus for a starting employee. Which I think works out to around 40k net….which is what I probably meant by saying 40k to drive rock truck for the season,” Schnabel continued, adding that “median wage is probably more in the $34/hr range.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Shares What Determines the Value of Bonuses

We also have to take into consideration that the Gold Rush crew members aren’t working at the claims all year. Once November hits, the ground in the Great White North becomes too hard and frozen to excavate. Meanwhile, the water sources quickly freeze, leaving them with no source for their sluice. So, the crew members only work as a part of Schnabel’s team for seven months, from March 1 to October 31. That salary and those overtime hours all supplement those five months that the team is away from site.

Of course, then there’s the question of bonuses which the Gold Rush star admitted he wasn’t “going to discuss” since the number “varies a huge amount based mainly on attitude, but I will say it is a significant portion of the most employees compensation.”

“Also worth noting, we make sure people have virtually no expenses in camp,” Schnabel said. “The last two years we’ve even been supplying the beer. No housing/food/vehicle costs.”

All things considered, that’s a pretty good deal.