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‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Celebrates After Big Red Brings In $400K Haul

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Chau Doan/LightRocket via Getty Images)

After weeks of hard work and unshakable determination, Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel is finally reaping the rewards of his land claim on Mud Mountain. Previously, the 28-year-old mine boss wasn’t seeing nearly enough profit for how much work his team had put into the property, and it looked as if they wouldn’t have enough time left in the season to reach their goal count.

Schnabel wasn’t the only one struggling to find gold. Between the constant obstacles and machinery malfunctions, this season has been nothing short of frustrating for all of the stars of Gold Rush. And unfortunately, as land claims become harder to obtain, it’s likely that the job won’t get much easier in the years to come.

Thankfully, for Schnabel, though, there was a rainbow after this last storm. And at the end of that rainbow was a huge pot of gold.

Recently, Gold Rush released a clip of the moment when the team found out just how much gold their two sluices brought in within the past week. It was a nerve-wracking count, considering the trouble they faced with the washplant named “Big Red,” but soon enough, Schnabel was back on track with his season goal.

Watch the weigh-in below.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Prove Their Worth to Scribner Creek Land Owner

Although Schnabel and the rest of his Gold Rush crew had been working on Mud Mountain all season, this was the first weigh-in for the coveted part of the property that Ken Tetlow leased to the young mine boss along Schriber Creek. This added an extra bit of pressure to the mining team, as it would likely determine whether Tetlow would be willing to lease the land to them in the future.

So, as the Gold Rush foreman and mine boss arrived at the house, they didn’t hesitate to begin pouring the gold flakes onto the scale.

Out of respect for Tetlow, they allowed him to be the one to call out the numbers as one of Schnabel’s team members poured the gold from their other washplant, Sluicifer. But as the number of ounces quickly climbed, Tetlow struggled to keep up.

“Slow down,” he said with a chuckle.

Of course, this was a good sign. The final total from Sluicifer’s paydirt was 208.75 ounces. Tetlow jokingly asked if all that gold was the result of 40 hours of work.

“You’re missing a zero,” Gold Rush star Schnabel said.

Next was the big test for Big Red. Schnabel needed the count to at least match that of Sluicifer.

And thankfully, Big Red surpassed that number, weighing in with 263.80 ounces of gold, worth nearly $475,000 by itself.

“It’s nice to see that Big Red remembers its job there,” Schnabel’s foreman said.