‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Enjoys a Whole Lot of Snow

by Jonathan Howard

When Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel isn’t knee-deep in dirt and mud digging for gold, it seems that he enjoys trading it in for powdery snow.

Alaska is a beautiful state, and there is a lot to do. Not only has Schnabel made money digging there, he gets to enjoy all it has to offer recreationally. Judging from this picture and his caption, that means the great outdoors and the stuff that grows in the great outdoors. Now, we don’t know for sure, but some fans in the replies to his latest Instagram post took it as a bit of a hint.

Check that post out below and judge for yourself.

The photo on top of a snowy mountain, equipped with some sick snow bikes, was simply captioned with “High” and a little handwave emoji. It was about two years ago when Schnabel revealed he might want to start a cannabis farm, and his fans in the replies seem to be on board with the entire thing, regardless of what is going on.

Seriously though, how beautiful is Alaska, y’all? I could just sit up on a hill like that for hours. Or until the cold pushed me back to the closest shelter with a fire. It looks like everyone is having a great time, especially Parker. It must be nice to get away from the mud and mess of Gold Rush and take time to do something like ride a motorbike with a snowboard attached to the bottom of it.

Schnabel likes having a good time, but there are limits when it comes to having fun. Of course, the worksite has to be a sober and safe area at all times.

Two Big ‘Gold Rush’ No-No’s

Even though he is the young guy around the Klondike, Schnabel keeps a tight ship. He has to. The Gold Rush star makes sure that his equipment is going 24/7, and that means keeping tabs on his workers. Well, he tries his best anyway. There have been times that members of his team have slipped up.

Certified Reddit responder for Gold Rush, u/GOLD_DIGGER talked about the no-no’s associated with the job. Now, this is a lot of stuff that anyone with common sense would know about a worksite.

“Alcohol/drug abuse at work, not being punctual, or not coming back on time from days off” are the ones that come to mind first. “Abusing company equipment/vehicles, just plain not adhering to the basics of work rules in a camp.”

There have also been some workers in the past that have had issues with the chain of command. Egos can run high, and words can be thrown around at a moment’s notice. Gold Rush shows that mining isn’t a job for everyone. Not every worker that comes into camp will be able to last in the industry.