‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Explains Two Big No-No’s When It Comes to Keeping a Job

by Amy Myers

As we’ve seen on Gold Rush, certain mistakes can lead to certain dismissal – or worse. From machinery malfunctions to problems with personnel, there’s a lot that can lead to an employee’s last day.

In Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel’s experience, there seems to be a trend of red flags in his crew. Recently, while responding to a fan on Reddit, the certified responder, u/GOLD_DIGGER, shared the biggest issues that previous staff members have exhibited.

The first few had to do with breaching the regulations of just about any worksite: “alcohol/drug abuse at work, not being punctual or not coming back on time from days off, abusing company equipment/vehicles, just plain not adhering to the basics of work rules in a camp.”

And indeed, we’ve seen some Gold Rush employees fall victim to these career-ending mistakes. The other main issue, though, had to do with respecting and adhering to the chain of command.

“If I let someone go for something other than point #1, it’s usually because a manager has asked me to (or, requested to swap an employee for someone else which is basically telling me they don’t want that person at the portion of the site they are responsible for), and if someone quits, it’s usually because they don’t want the lifestyle. Pretty simple at the end of the day,” Schnabel shared.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Reveals ‘Most Important Ingredient to Success’

Unfortunately, for the Gold Rush boss, these mistakes have become so common that he had to rethink the hiring process. Now, his team strives to “identify the people that have the attitude and qualities we want before hiring anyone that knocks on the door.”

But according to Schnabel, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

“That is hard to do, because people are so good at putting up a front and you don’t really know what you’re going to get until they’re on the job and in a stressed out situation,” he shared.

Ultimately, the issue comes down to how he wants to define company culture. And at the center of that culture is the people that make his business possible.

“I won’t say we are an easy outfit to work for, but it works for us and we make the decisions that we feel are best for the company,” Schnabel explained. “At the end of the day that has to be our priority. That being said, the more I learn about business the more I realize that the people are the company, your culture is the most important ingredient to success, and that has to be the priority.”