‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Gets His Crew a Big ‘Gift’

by Joe Rutland

Parker Schnabel has been around on “Gold Rush” for a number of seasons. He’s showing his appreciation for his crew with a “gift.”

What is it?

Well, Schnabel purchases a large, new excavator for his crew to use on the ground.

Take a look at this lengthy clip from “Gold Rush” and see what he did to help them out.

“Gold Rush” features Schnabel, Rick Ness, Fred Lewis, and Tony Beets as Season 12 captains.

The show airs on the Discovery Channel.

‘Gold Rush’ Captain Breaks Down Challenge Facing His Crew Out There

Schnabel understands that this season really has been one of the toughest for him.

He’s been working on a new land claim called Mud Mountain. It is deeper than any area Schnabel has ever mined before in his career.

For instance, the “Gold Rush” captain is having his team dig 50-60 feet underground. This is causing him to pour extra thousands of dollars into his work.

Earlier in October, the Discovery Channel show had a clip of him surveying the land.

It showed Schnabel with a rather worried look on his face.

He is concerned about how much money is being poured into the ground.

Schnabel says that Mud Mountain is “supposed to be really good gold but it is 50 feet deep.

“Some of it’s 60 feet deep, and that’s 40-50 grand a day, just doing stripping,” he said. “The bills keep coming in, and right now we’re only sluicing up the airstrip.”

Parker Schnabel Talks About Most Harrowing Fear In One Mining Expedition

What could be the most harrowing fear that Parker Schnabel has in his life?

We may not know that but here was one of them from a spin-off special called “Parker’s Trail.”

He went down to Guyana on a trip. It led to him dealing with a humid, hot climate.

“They were dinner plate-sized spiders,” Schnabel told Fox News. “They’re scary as s—.”

It should be noted that the country has large spiders and tarantulas, including the giant crab spider and the pink-toed tarantula.

Team Captain Also Had To Deal With Losing Money-Making Piece Of Equipment

It’s obvious that Schnabel is a star on the show.

He’s been around gold mining for a lot of his life, watching his grandfather John Schnabel work at the family mine called Big Nugget.

Throughout his life, Schnabel has learned about the ins and outs of the trade.

Optimism is high as a new season is now on the air on the Discovery Channel.

What will happen this season? Time will tell as people watch the show throughout its run.

But Schnabel found him having to deal with a piece of equipment that he lost.