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‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Hopes His Big Gamble Pays Off With $2 Million on the Line

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

“We have a plan, and right now, we’re gonna stick to it,” said Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel. Ahead of tonight’s new episode, the show dropped a teaser that has fans worried about the success of Schnabel’s new operation. This season, the star is risking $2 million at Mud Mountain in hopes that he can reach his goal of 8,000 ounces of gold. It’s been a tough season full of unforeseen mistakes and obstacles, but as always, Schnabel is confident his team will end the season in the green.

The past two months for Schnabel have been a whirlwind of ups and downs. At one point, the Gold Rush star had only one washplant at his operation that the team had to transport to a new location and then repair. Seemingly the next minute, he pulled 288.9 ounces of gold from the earth and had only 210 left to uncover before he could move his washplant to the real moneymaking spot.

Thankfully, the latest update features some good news for the Gold Rush team as they finally have their second sluice, “Sluicifer,” back up and running. Now, they just needed to get “Big Red” to work. Despite currently having 900 ounces fewer than last season, Schnabel seems confident that the new developments will help him finish the year strong and reach his ultimate goal.

Take a look at Discovery’s teaser of tonight’s episode below.

“We’re not gonna have a successful season unless both washplants get up and running. Sluicifer just got moved to Ken Stuart’s ground which is good,” the Gold Rush star explained. “It’s doing its part. Now it’s just a matter of getting Big Red fired up at the airstrip. We need to start getting some revenue in.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Struggles to Keep Operation Running

Meanwhile, fellow Gold Rush star Fred Lewis is facing some issues of his own. Like Schnabel, Lewis has faced a few obstacles of his own that put him behind production schedule. After a surprise inspection from local authorities, though, Lewis felt his team was back on track. In fact, he even called up Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra to take a look at his progress. Unfortunately, they gave him some tough news.

According to the seasoned miners, Lewis’ operation was just a “glorified ditch.”

He still needed to dig several more ponds and destroy one of his roads. Dodge and Ibarra warned the fellow Gold Rush star that he didn’t have nearly enough water to run his washplant for more than a few hours. Any more than that and Lewis would see the “milkshake effect” which equated to a clogged sluice and thousands of lost dollars.

Like Schnabel, Lewis carried on with confidence that he would finish the season with plenty of gold to show for it.