‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel May Have Found His Next Claim on a Historical Map

by Jonathan Howard

While he mined the Klondike for years, Parker Schnabel is heading to new grounds on Gold Rush hoping to find some virgin land.

The only issue is, where he has arrived in Alaska has been thoroughly mined through for the most part. Finding new ground, untapped earth will be hard. However, the reward, if he is able to find what he is looking for, is potentially millions of dollars.

Schnabel has put a lot into his new move. He left his crew back at the old sites to run things. Now, he is searching for the next place to dig. He is equipped with a new sonic drill and some resourceful friends. In a clip from the show, Parker reaches out to some folks with historical maps and information.

If the Gold Rush star knows where prior digs have happened, then he can find where these companies never got to. So, that means virgin ground. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Along with Liam Ferguson, Schnabel goes to meet up with John and Drew. A father/son-in-law duo that has an extensive collection of records. As the group poured over the documents, they realized something. There was about a 22-acre area where the old miners didn’t dig. So, if Parker can get his team there then there should be some gold.

The areas that the Gold Rush star was looking at were rich in gold back in the day. However, efforts ceased in the 1950s, and it has sat untouched for most of that time. With a new drill and a new desire to get out and dig up the dirt, Schnabel might be able to hit it big once again. He has always found a way to dig up more and more gold over the years.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Offers Hefty Price for Land

Of course, you can’t just go to Alaska and demand to have land to mine. Parke Schnabel is dealing with John and his family in order to dig the land they own. If the old documents are right, there might be some spots where the gold is plentiful and worthwhile. Gold Rush hardly ever goes that easy, though.

In order to mine the land, Schnabel had to negotiate a bit. He was supposed to start mining in the area at the beginning of the summer. By the time he made it to the Alaskan wilderness, it was August. The mining season was almost over. However, Parker couldn’t help it, having to oversee things at his operation in the Klondike.

Gold Rush is going to be interesting this season. Schnabel is clearly ready to get moved to Alaska. Due to the delay in operations, John wasn’t too happy. So, Parker offered him 100 ounces of gold. Almost worth $200,000. If he mines it and hits a good spot, he’ll pay it up. Or, if the venture is unsuccessful, the mine boss plopped a bag of gold down as a downpayment.