‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Nearly Loses Loader But Gains $800,000

by Amy Myers

Despite a couple of near-catastrophic mistakes, Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel’s crew still came out on top.

The chaos began when plant boss Tyson Lee was giving instructions to a loader truck driver. While working on his site, Lee noticed that the water levels had risen, threatening the safety of the roads. In order to prevent the risk of flooding, Lee called on Shane Edwards to start building out a “finger” in the dirt to help redistribute some of the water.

But once he gave Edwards the instructions, the loader truck driver took the vehicle in the wrong direction, and within seconds, he drove the truck right into a patch of quicksand. Soon, the wheels sunk deep into the mud, and the two Gold Rush stars had only minutes before it would “sink outta sight.”

Thankfully, Lee was able to use the bucket of the excavator to pull the loader to safety, avoiding a financial catastrophe and a tough conversation with Schnabel. Following the ordeal, the Gold Rush mine boss even applauded Lee for his quick thinking and ability to work through the issue.

‘Gold Rush’ Generator Loses Fuel, But Schnabel Gains Gold

This wasn’t the end to Lee’s tough week at the Gold Rush operation. After solving the problem with the loader, the plant boss then ran into another problem with the generator. According to crew member Alec Kelly, Edwards had informed him that the battery voltage was low. Because of that, the two assumed that they needed another alternator.

But upon further inspection, Kelly discovered that the problem wasn’t with the battery – it was with his co-worker. Gold Rush plant boss Lee came back to see Kelly refueling the generator, and sure enough, it was back up and running.

The debacle put the Gold Rush team two hours further behind schedule, and Lee feared that this would seriously hurt their chances of reaching their weekly gold count.

Schnabel’s Week Still Ends on a High Note

Despite the problems that Lee and his cohorts faced, when the team gathered for the gold pour, they came away with a decent profit.

After some light-hearted jabs in Lee’s direction, the team poured the metal from Sluicifer and found that the team had collected 205.9 ounces. Meanwhile, Mitch Blaschke’s team with their sluice, Big Red, brought in 246.05 ounces. Had Lee’s team not experienced any issues, they might have beat out the other team. Still, the total count brought Schnabel’s crew $800,000 for a single week. While this is still behind what Schnabel would find last year, it’s still an impressive amount.

As Chris Doumitt told the team, “There’s a lot of miners up here that don’t get that all season.”