‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Once Almost Plummeted to His Death When a Dam Burst Sweeping Him Away

by Joe Rutland

Parker Schnabel definitely makes an impact on “Gold Rush” but he’s also known to take some chances, too. One of them involved a dam.

When the dam burst, Schnabel faced a serious problem. Let’s set up the scene, Outsiders.

First, he’s appearing on the “Gold Rush” spin-off called “Parker’s Trail.”

Second, Schabel is working with his team of miners and they are helping to clear up a space that’s been overburdened by a steep gold mine.

Third, a damned-up reservoir at the top of the mine breaks through the blockage. What happens next? Well, take a look at how it played out on this “Gold Mine” spin-off episode. Get yourself ready for quite a ride.

It’s quite a sight to behold as Schnabel ends up being secured by his teammates after such a fall down the hill.

Just goes to show you, Outsiders, that danger can lurk behind anything which looks familiar.

“Gold Rush” is currently in Season 12 on the Discovery Channel. Episodes from this season as well as previous seasons are on the show’s website.

‘Gold Rush’ Gives Show’s Fans A Peek Inside How Schnabel, Team Spend Down Time

After all of that action, Outsiders, don’t you think our man Parker needs some time to relax?

While we don’t know if this happened during that trip for “Parker’s Trail,” what we do know is that “Gold Rush” gave us an inside look at life beyond the gold mines.

Fellow gold miner captain Chris Doumitt discussed this matter of relaxation when talking about “Gold Rush: The Dirt” on Discovery. Doumitt says he reached out to Schnabel and offered some space to chill.

“The one time where we can get together [is] when we’re doing a gold waste at the end of a week,” Doumitt said. It was his invitation to Schnabel and his crew that gave them some time off.

One of the rooms in the cabin, termed “a comfort zone,” is called the “Gold Room.”

Doumitt offered up that a dart game or hitting golf balls outside are things that can happen.

But Schnabel offered a joking retort when asked why his “Gold Rush” cohort would have the fun toys and outlets.

He said, “It’s a sore subject with the crew. Nobody else has any time to do that kind of stuff.”

Those dart games kicking up? Schnabel said he used to try and notch out time to toss 50 darts per day.

“It only takes like 5 or 10 minutes,” he said. “It doesn’t take that long.”

“Gold Rush” features Schnabel, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis out gunning for some gold. The 12th season started on Friday, Sept. 24. Catch a new episode this week.