‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Once Ventured into Dangerous Tunnels That Killed Over 100 Miners

by Joe Rutland

During his career as part of “Gold Rush,” mining team owner Parker Schnabel found himself going into tunnels that were deadly.

Well, he wasn’t alone, Outsiders.

In this clip from the “Gold Rush” spin-off called “Parker’s Trail,” take a look at Schnabel and Sam Brown entering these areas. They wanted to see how local miners got gold out of those rocks.

Yet danger does loom large for him and Brown. More than 100 miners have died over the years in this area. So, the “Gold Rush” star understands the danger ahead. Take a look at this scene from “Parker’s Trail.”

Parker Schnabel is still busy finding gold, though, on “Gold Rush” as part of the Discovery Channel programming.

You can catch Season 12 episodes by visiting the show’s website. Its new season kicked off on Sept. 24, so you have plenty of time to get current and watch new episodes, too.

‘Gold Rush’ Miner Taking Big Gamble Entering Current Season With His Crew

Schnabel is well aware of how much his work out in the mines focuses on taking risks.

While the “Gold Rush” star knows how to get the gold out of the earth, it’s still risky business.

This season is one where Schnabel will roll the dice yet again.

What type of gamble is it? Well, he’s discovered a paystreak which Schnabel estimates could become the richest space he’s ever mined. Still, he faces a serious test with having to dig into 50 feet of dirt.

It’ll cost him a heck of a lot of money when you total up equipment, fuel, manpower, and hours.

The “Gold Rush” crew that Parker Schnabel has put together helps him get to the gold.

There’s also some urgency as gold prices are high right now. Best get that gold while the price is up than when it’s down.

Schnabel Keeps Himself Busy Even With Work Keeping Him Quite Active

Never let it be said that Schnabel doesn’t appreciate his hard work.

The gold miner, who has been up in Alaska for years, is still a part of “Gold Rush” at this time.

His work does keep him busy and Schnabel, 27, may not have much time for leisure.

Will he be a part of the show after this season? Well, we think he will be, Outsiders, but there’s been no word from show producers.

Schnabel does love his dog, Dozer, and shares moments with him on the show’s Instagram page.

But he’s been out mining for gold since he was a teenager. His success has been well documented, and hard-earned, too.

Make sure to watch how Parker Schnabel handles so many demands on his time. He’s definitely learned from his years in the mines.