‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Reveal Major ‘Problem’ Crew Faces This Season

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to issues and problems on the job site, Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel is no stranger. However, he can’t just make more gold appear.

Usually, the problems on the show revolve around equipment and machinery breaking down. Now, Schnabel is having to face a bigger issue. Finding more land to dig gold out of. The Klondike has been kind. It has made him and his crew a lot of money.

Alaska seems to be the new frontier though for the 27-year-old miner. In a preview of the upcoming episode, Schnabel says, “the problem is we’re running out of ground to mine.” Check out the video posted to Twitter below.

The Gold Rush star likes Alaska. He has spent lots of time in the state. So, it makes sense that he is now turning to the untapped grounds to see if he can find more gold. Schnabel has left his crew back in the Klondike and is now off to find better land.

It seems that things might be getting too crowded at the old mining grounds. The lease that Schnabel has with Tony Beets isn’t working out how he hoped. Those ounces totals don’t fill themselves. So, perhaps there will be better ground and more gold to find in the Alaskan wilderness on tonight’s episode of Gold Rush.

Parker Schnabel Might ‘Dig Himself Too Deep’

Also coming this week for Schnabel is a new shiny toy. Well, really it’s a multimillion-dollar sonic drill. Sounds impressive, right? When this thing goes into the ground, it can get to depths of 1,000 feet. That’s all the way down into the bedrock.

However, all great things have some consequences. This one comes with a $20,000 price stage each time that the drill is used. The drill is the only way that the Gold Rush star is going to find “virgin dirt,” and that’s where the real money is.

Schnabel can have the best equipment around but if each dig pulls up nothing, then it’s a bigger money pit than it is a gold mine. Perhaps the failures of his new sonic drill are what force him to head for Alaska in order to find new ground. Gold Rush is heating up this season and there is going to be a breaking point eventually.

Former ‘Gold Rush’ Star Returning to Mining Business

In case you didn’t know, Todd Hoffman is coming back to mining. He won’t be on Gold Rush but will instead have his own show on Discovery. Hoffman Family Gold is going to feature Todd along with his father Jack and son Hunter.

Of course, when Todd was on Gold Rush, to begin with, he didn’t get along with Schnabel. Is there a chance we see that feud fire back up? Or will these two avoid one another and the network prevent much crossover from happening? There’s only so much gold to go around, who is going to hit the big payday? I’d put my money on the guy with the sonic drill.