‘Gold Rush’ Star Rick Ness Tries to Free His Dozer

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

When it comes to finding a golden payday, the stars of the hit Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush” know that time is money.

No one knows that more than veteran gold digger Rick Ness, one member of the main “Gold Rush” cast. Since breaking out on his own and starting his own gold mining business and crew, Ness has seen a good deal of success. In the gold-finding industry, it is important to strike when the iron is hot and push through when it isn’t. Hunting for the precious metal is easier said than done and success can sometimes come and go like the wind. “Gold Rush” teams may go an extended time without uncovering the shiny yellow metal much to their dismay. Of course, they can also strike it rich if they find gold-rich paydirt that can make them hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Gold mining is, above all else, a test of one’s patience and drive for financial success.

The gold mining industry can be downright frustrating at times as the entire “Gold Rush” cast will tell you. Rick Ness recently found himself in a bit of a pickle that required some quick thinking and engineering. “Gold Rush” crews work with millions of dollars worth of equipment and maintaining the equipment is a top priority. Ness found his biggest dozer stuck in permafrost in a recent episode and it took a lot of work to get the machine unstuck.

In order to move some frozen ground, Ness employs the $500,000 vehicle into action. He knows there is risk involved but the payoff could be well worth the effort. The gas-guzzling vehicle is a 900 horsepower 475 dozer and burns more than 2,000 dollars a day.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Scurries to Pull Super Dozer From Frozen Ground

As a Ness crew member plows through the hard, frozen ground, the crew’s worst nightmare occurs with the dozer sinking to the ground. With the tank solidly stuck in the ground, the dozer operator calls on Rick’s help.

“This sort of stuff right here is going to put u behind,” Ness says as he heads out to take a look at the situation. “Any kind of a delay is a risk that we’ll have to shut the plant down.”

The “Gold Rush” star arrives to help his crew number pry the big dozer out of the frozen mud. Using his own vehicle, Ness digs out a path so that the dozer’s operator can continue forward. The operation is a success and they are able to free the dozer to continue operating and search for gold. Ness and his crew member share a laugh about the incident and continue on about their business.

It is all in a day’s work for the stars of “Gold Rush.”