‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Has to Get Inventive to Fix an Engine

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to working the mines on Gold Rush there are few that have the experience and the intuition that Tony Beets has.

The King of the Klondike has been doing things for a long time. He has worked the machines, worked the dirt, and don’t about every facet of the job. So, when it comes to quick repairs he knows what will get the job done.

So, when his machines lost water pressure and he had to get it back, he knew what to do. There are many handymen that have had to turn to quick fixes. When those moments come up, most folks turn to the duct tape. However, there is another item that every person should have at the ready in the toolbox. Zip ties.

Check out the video below.

For just a couple of dimes, the Gold Rush star had his million-dollar operation back up and running. There is no time to stop things and get a new part or have a long-term fix put onto the machine. Instead, the crew has to get things done as quickly as they can and keep pushing dirt and gold out of the ground.

Beets Family Gets Things Done

The Beets family on Gold Rush is always fun to watch. With Tony and his kids and all the relatives that do the work on the job site, it is a big family affair. It could be the secret to the success that Tony has had over the years. It is hard to work with family, but the veteran miner seems to enjoy the operation the way he has set it up.

This season has shown the family goes through a lot of ups and downs. They lost the claim to the Indian River site to start things out. Now, even with the royalties they are getting from the Parker Schnabel land leases, things are starting to get difficult. It isn’t just this engine that had a failure, and while zip ties fixed this issue, they can’t fix everything.

Recently, Tony and his family had to deal with another issue when a huge tear was ripped in the punch plate. Up at Paradise Hill, things are getting tricky.

‘Gold Rush’ Tony Beets Hurries to Repair Equipment

Basically, if they can’t get their 1,000 ounces of gold in a month’s time, things are going to be thrown off course. The trommel is usually running 24/7 in order to meet demand. With the new issue, that was going to be put on a halt. Rocks and frozen dirt and earth can do a number on pumps and other equipment.

This repair wasn’t as easy as a 20 cent fix. In fact, it took two days to get things back up and running. And, the team was almost 60 ounces short of their goal for the week. That can come back to bite them if issues keep popping up as the season goes on. They want to reach 4,500 ounces for the season, and they are slowly getting there.