‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Is a Happy Grandfather and $550K Richer

by Joe Rutland

Talk about two great pieces of news for “Gold Rush” captain Tony Beets. He’s not only become a grandfather but picked up $550,000.

Beets talked about his heavy-duty gold haul that he and his team managed to pick up.

“I mean, here we are pretty early in the season…we still got snow and ice all around us…and we got two sluice boxes going,” the “Gold Rush” captain said. “So you know what, it’s off to a pretty decent start, I think. I mean we’ve been spending money like crazy so far…so two sluices is gonna help our total…start paying the bills.

“All your bills really in May should start coming out of the ground…not outta your bank account,” he said. “Let’s finish it off.”

Take a look at Beets and his team gathering the gold and, later on, counting it in this long clip from the Discovery Channel show.

‘Gold Rush’ Captain Tells Teamm Members To Start Cleaning Up Sluice Boxes

As Beets’ team members were still using the sluice boxes, he got on his walkie-talkie and passed along this message. “I think we’re done here,” he said. “Gather up some people, let’s [expletive deleted] clean up the box.”

Beets got back home and he and other family members sit down at the breakfast table. Then his daughter comes out carrying the “Gold Rush” captain’s granddaughter.

Then, at the table, one of the Beets’ team members spills the collected gold into a weighing machine. It all ends up totaling 173.78 ounces. That was just one collection. There would be No. 2, which weighed 81.94 ounces. For one week, the “Gold Rush” captain and his team collected $550,000.

Beets Said He’s Still Waiting For Water License So He Can Use Indian River

“Now that’s pretty slick stuff,” Beets said. “Well, we’re done down there. I mean, it was easy money and we didn’t have to strip it. Anyhow, all we had to do was put the box there and run it through. So for every ounce we got, it didn’t cost us very much.”

What a haul, though. Early on in the video clip, Beets talks about still waiting for his water license for the Indian River.

“And every month we’re not there, you know, then we lose big bucks,” he said. “We still have some pay left from last year in the old timers’ tailings, so I think we’re going to get Kevin [Beets, his son] on the screen deck and, er, go sluice for a little bit, too.”

Beets is one of four captains currently mining for gold on the show. Other captains include Fred Lewis, Rick Ness, and Parker Schnabel.

“Gold Rush” episodes are from the current 12th season. On Nov. 5, the popular aftershow “The Dirt” returns with a new look and format.