‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Is Unhappy With $400K Jackpot

by Joe Rutland

Tony Beets of Gold Rush has been working hard for his money this season. He’s got over $400,000 of gold but he’s not happy.

Beets is one of four captains, along with Parker Schnabel, Fred Lewis, and Rick Ness, out there with teams on the Discovery Channel show.

What is it about the jackpot’s current amount that upsets him?

Check out this video from the show and you’ll find out.

Beets does believe that he can still score big, though, in the mining areas.

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‘Gold Rush’ Captain Thinks He Can Mine Yukon For Next ’30 Years’

If you watch Tony Beets enough, then you will see a guy who is hungry for more.

There is no let-up in his drive to succeed for his family and himself on Gold Rush.

This man became his own boss.

He’s got the nickname King of the Klondikes as Beets is the top-earning miner on the show.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly last September, Beets was asked about the land his team is working on.

He said that they probably have 500 acres if not 1,000 that has not been excavated.

“We drill and decide which places are worthwhile digging up,” Beets said. “We approach it by digging for holes across the land and see if a pattern appears. If so, we start to dig and uncover all of the gold.”

Beets adds that he thinks there’s still a lot of gold out there.

“As long as we have the water licenses to mine, we can keep on going,” Beets said. “If so, we should be mining here for 30 years. There are 5,000 to 10,000 ounces out there easy.”

Beets Doesn’t Even Think About Retiring From His Work Anytime Soon

If you think Tony Beets is going to park his excavator and stop working, then think again.

Now he did talk about it when asked in 2019 by Monsters & Critics.

“Oh, for retirement, I don’t think we’ll ever retire,” the Gold Rush star said. “I can’t speak for Minnie, but we work seven months in the year, and then we have five months of holiday already.”

Well, where were Beets and his wife Minnie when the Q&A took place? They were down in Mexico soaking up the sun and having a good time.

“I think we have the perfect life,” Minnie Beets said. “We work seven months and then we are off for five. It’s great.”

Tony Beets added, “I mean, right now we’re sitting in Mexico on the beach, so we’re not complaining!”

Beets has been in 188 Gold Rush episodes. The first time he appeared on the show was in 2011.