‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Literally Stumbles Across Gold Mine

by Amy Myers

There’s no stopping Gold Rush star Tony Beets from finding his next supply of metal. So when the mine boss couldn’t get a water license for his usual spot at Indian River, he decided to pack up his family and search the earth for a new location to dig. Dedicated to his team, Beets was willing to leave his home and travel 30 miles north to Paradise Hill where the ground conditions were uncertain at best.

In the past, the Beets have had a pretty impressive track record. Each season, Tony and his two sons, Mike and Kevin, unearth millions of dollars worth of gold and manage to hold fast to the title of the richest miner in the Gold Rush franchise. When his reliable source was no longer available to him, Beets had to prove that he can switch gears and find the same success at a new location.

Once at Paradise Hill, youngest son Mike Beets worked the excavator on one side of the hill, while oldest son Kevin scouted the other side. Kevin developed a plan to dig towards his younger brother’s location from 400 miles away and meet in the middle. With his father’s approval, the two Gold Rush stars examined the surrounding area and came across a sign of fortune.

Watch what happens next below.

Much to their surprise, during their exploration, the father-son duo come across a 100-year-old hand-dug mine shaft.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Marvel at Work of Past Miners

To anyone else passing by, it might just appear to be a hole in the ground, perhaps from a fallen tree. But to the Gold Rush stars, the debris-covered cavern might as well have a big, flashing red sign that reads “Dig for gold here!”

This is precisely what Beets and his family plan to do.

Once they realize what they’ve stumbled across, the Gold Rush family decided to excavate part of the shaft to see if it ran any deeper. At the turn of the century, miners would dig vertically down through the gravel and dirt by hand, creating the shaft as they went. If they hit gold along the way, they would proceed to build the shaft horizontally, further revealing the pay layer where the metal rests. It was a dangerous and grueling process that often didn’t reap any rewards. However, just like today, once the miners found a fruitful source, the outcome was worth all of the hard work and sacrifice.

When he unveiled the shaft’s structure, Beets didn’t miss out on educating his sons and the rest of his team on the history of mining. The Gold Rush boss encouraged them to remember how difficult the job was just 100 years ago. Now, what was months worth of work took only minutes with the heavy equipment and machinery they had at their disposal.