‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Makes a Big Gamble that Pays Off

by Thad Mitchell

On the popular Discovery Channel reality series “Gold Rush,” fortune favors the bold and lady luck is a tough courtship.

It doesn’t get any bolder on “Gold Rush” than the presence of veteran gold miner Tony Beets. The professional gold digger has been in the mining game for quite some time. Beets is one of the most well-liked individuals on the reality show and a real character fans can relate to. The miner and his mining crew have one objective and only one objective — find a shiny, yellow metal in the ground. Striking gold is the name of the game for Beets and the other “Gold Rush” stars. Well-known throughout the gold mining industry, Beets has the respect of his peer. He relocated to Canada from the Netherlands many years ago to go all-in on his mining efforts. A mainstay in the Klondike region, Beets is known to use colorful language at times as he hunts for the precious commodity known as gold.

Throughout his time on “Gold Rush,” viewers have seen Tony Beets make calculated assessments in order to enhance his gold mining team’s chances of success. Some of these gambles have paid off big time while others have been major flops. All-in-all, Beets has made a successful career for himself in the gold mining industry and starring in the “Gold Rush” lineup. In a recent episode of the show, Beets reflects on his many years in the industry and the successes he’s found.

“Thirty-five years ago when I started here — we were getting $500 per ounce (of gold),” he says. “Well, right now we are getting three times a good. We have record-high gold prices, so the more material we run the better we are likely to do.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Talks About Pushing Through Hardships

After two failed seasons, the “King of Klondike” didn’t fold up and go home. Instead, he cut his losses and look forward to the next season. He says one reason for the success he’s had in gold mining is simply pushing through difficult times.

“Last year, we did not have a good season,” he recalls. “But this season, with the god prices being up, we have a trommel going already. So, we are going to see if we can make 3,000 ounces on the hill this year.”

Now, a little ways into a gold mining season, Beets and his team appear to be having a prosperous season. But while 3,000 ounces might be the goal set for him and his “Gold Rush” team, they are aiming even higher. He says it’s “now or never” with skyrocketing gold prices.

“With this gold price, we are going to have to open up new ground quickly,” he says. “I mean — it is now or never.”

Tony and his team are seeing the fruits of their labor and investments and hoping new gambles will pay off soon.