‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Nearly Loses Power to His Whole Operation

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

During a recent episode of Gold Rush, veteran miner Tony Beets and his crew almost lost power to their entire operation, which would’ve been detrimental to business.

Beets invested a whopping $5 million into his operation this past season. So his team is looking to hit it big on Paradise Hill. While Tony is scouting out a 25-acre area his crew barely touched last year, he calls Mike about opening up new ground. They need to get going and quick to help make up the cost of Beets’ investment.

While it may seem like a huge gamble, there’s a reason Tony Beets is known as the King of the Klondikes. He’s been mining the Yukons for decades since he moved west from the Netherlands. It’s no coincidence that Beets is the top-earning miner on Gold Rush, and the wealthiest cast member. He can afford to take financial risks that some miners may not be able to. But that doesn’t mean Beets is frivolous with his money. The veteran knows the mining business and the land better than anyone, so his informed decisions typically pan out.

However, his crew members nearly wipe out all the electricity in Tony Beets’ plant. While Mike is moving some huge equipment with Beets’ direction, he nearly gets the cable caught on some wires. Thankfully, the crew avoided that disaster, but almost immediately got dealt another blow. Their huge hose hooked up to a pump lost all water pressure. The throttle handle broke clear off and the engine isn’t getting enough RPMs to run at full power. Yet some quick thinking along with the help of a few zip ties got the crew back in business.

Check out the full clip of Tony Beets and his crew on Gold Rush below.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Makes Half a Million in Just One Week

As mentioned, Tony Beets spent a small fortune when he invested $5 million into his gold mining business. Fans are reminded why the financial risk was worth it after a recent Gold Rush episode showed Beets and his crew earning half a million dollars in only one week.

Beets set some lofty goals for his team in the 12th season of the the hit Discovery Channel reality series. He’s shooting for a $16 million season, and you can’t blame him after his huge investment. The gold miner is asking a lot from his team though since he’s scheduling his crew to work day and night around the clock. It’s a lucrative business, but only with hard work. The weak won’t survive on Tony Beets’ mining crew.

The miner has two sluices sifting through sediment and making money at Paradise Hill. It’s a good thing their team is making progress and their efforts are paying off for everyone involved. In fact, the crew mined more than double what they made last year in only one week when they raked in $500k worth of gold.