‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Pulls Out All the Stops With Massive Fleet of Machines

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

During a recent episode of Gold Rush, mining boss Tony Beets took things to the next level with an enormous fleet of new machinery.

For almost 40 years, Beets has been buying up gold-rich land in the Yukon. The veteran miner is well-known for his work in the region. So it’s no surprise he earned the nickname The King of the Klondikes years ago. Today, he’s also known as one of the stars of Gold Rush and is the most successful mining boss on the series.

So far in Season 12 of the hit Discovery Channel reality series, Beets has set some lofty goals for his family and his work crew. He’s shooting for a whopping $16 million season, which shockingly seems possible considering they’re halfway there already. However, he’s having to ask a lot of his team since they’re going to be working all day and through the night, 24/7.

“Right now, I think at this gold prices today… now is the time to get excited,” Beets says. “Before I turn 65, I’m planning on making it my biggest season ever. Make some real (bleeping) money.”

The Gold Rush star ponied up $5 million in the hopes of mining more gold than ever before. That’s saying something, considering how long he’s been in the industry.

“So, let’s say we just spent $5 million worth on equipment. But we’re gonna come back here with three times more iron than we left with. So I wouldn’t see a big problem running 9,000 ounces. I think it is well within our (bleeping) reach,” Beets said to his crew.

While Tony seems optimistic, his wife, Minnie Beets, tells her husband not to count his chickens before they hatch. With gold prices at a historic high, his goal is at least a possibility.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Says He’ll Be Able to Mine the Yukon for the Next ’30 Years’

Considering how long Tony Beets has mined the Yukon, you’d think he may need to venture out into a different area to continue striking it rich. However, the Yukon has a vast amount of gold within its land. In fact, the Gold Rush veteran miner recently shared that he should be able to mine the region for at least three more decades.

In September, Beets spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his profession and the show. The outlet asked Beets about the Yukon and the land his crew is mining. Even though Tony Beets has already uncovered thousands of ounces of gold through the years, he says there’s still tons left to mine.

“We probably have 500 acres if not 1,000 that hasn’t been excavated. We drill and decide which places are worthwhile digging up, and we approach it by digging for holes across the land and see if a pattern appears. If so, we start to dig and uncover all of the gold,” the Gold Rush star said to EW.

“I think we have a lot of gold out there. As long as we have the water licenses to mine, we can keep on going. If so, we should be mining here for 30 years. There are 5,000 to 10,000 ounces out there easy,” Beets added.