‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Reveals if He Has Any Regrets from Time on Show

by Chris Haney

Season 12 of Gold Rush is currently underway, and in a recent interview, Yukon mining legend Tony Beets revealed if he has any regrets from his time on the show.

Beets joined the popular Discovery Channel series during the second season of the show. He brought decades of experience to the show, and is well-known as the King of the Klondike. He’s been in the mining business for years, but likely never thought he’d be a reality TV star. During an October interview with Looper, Beets was asked if he had any regrets since starring on Gold Rush.

“I don’t have regrets. So whenever I do something of this nature, I don’t know, I don’t regret,” the Gold Rush star said. “No stress, right? It’s smooth sailing. Smooth sailing for this lucky guy, I suppose.”

While that sounds great, Beets knows well there’s plenty of stress in the mining business. In fact, it’s often the exact opposite of smooth sailing. Just ask Beets’ co-star on the show, Parker Schnabel. But thankfully for Beets and the other miners, they tend to strike it rich more often than not with their years of experience helping guide them.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Opens Up About His Life Before the Show

Back in 2019, Tony Beets spoke with Entrepreneur about his life previous to becoming a reality TV star because of Gold Rush. He originally hails from the Netherlands, but eventually, the prospect of gold led him to the Yukon.

“I came from the Netherlands, of course. I hung around Alberta and [British Columbia] for a bit. Then I went to the Yukon for the money,” Beets explained about how he arrived in the area.

When he first began working in the Yukon, Beets realized he could make a thousand dollars a week. “So I thought, ‘If they get that, I’ll get a little more.’ And that’s what happened.” As he continued to speak about the unique business of gold mining, Beets admitted he enjoys the lifestyle as well. “You do whatever you want; yell at people whenever you feel like it. And then there’s the hunt, the treasure. I like it.”

During the same interview, his co-star Parker Schnabel shared that he followed Beets into the industry. Schnabel comes from a long line of miners, but after he met Beets, that’s when he headed to the Yukon.

“Well, my mom always hated the idea of me not going to college,” Schnabel said. “So I always intended on going and not pissing her off. But then I met Tony Beets and went to the Yukon.”

“You’re blaming me?” Beets amusingly chimed in.

Schnabel joked that he blames Beets so his mother, Nancy Schnabel, won’t be mad at him. We’d say after the success of his gold mining business and the hit show, maybe Schnabel’s mom has forgiven her son for skipping out on college.