‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Struggles to Reach Season Target

by Amy Myers

Gold Rush star Tony Beets chose the wrong season to shoot for the highest goal of his entire career. This year, the Beets family is shooting for 9,000 ounces in gold, and they’ve had to face a number of debilitating obstacles that have made this amount more and more difficult to achieve.

One of the most recent obstacles that Beets’ team has had to face is yet another problem with their equipment. Without a functioning sluice, the Gold Rush star has relied on a 30-year-old trommel that continues to slowly break down, stopping production each time it needs a repair. This time, the rocks wore a hole through the base plate. Tony’s son Kevin had little knowledge of welding, so he tried to provide a quick fix by hammering a stick into the gap.

His Gold Rush star boss was not happy about the solution, so he called in a few professionals to fix the machine properly. Unfortunately, the lost time already took its toll on the weekly total. At the gold pour, the team fell short of the 475-ounce goal, coming up with less than 124 ounces. Although this finally put the team’s total at $1 million, it was still a far cry from where they needed to be.

Why ‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Should Have Lowered His Season Goal

While determination can be an essential part of running a business, in the wrong situations, it can come off as stubbornness. Beets didn’t want to give up on his impressive goal, and while this is a brave gesture, it may have only added to the many obstacles of the season.

Let’s start with the fact that Beets lost his literal gold mine of a location on the Indian River. Unfortunately, early this season, the Gold Rush star discovered that his license for the land claim had been denied. For two years, the riverbed had provided Beets and his family millions of dollars worth of gold. Now, though, the mine boss had to find a new location in time for the start of the season, impacting his plans for equipment and income.

You would think that Beets might reconsider the whopping 9,000-ounce goal, but the Gold Rush star doubled down on this total and pushed forward with his plans for the Paradise Hill claim. Soon enough, though, the team faced problems with the environment and the equipment that continuously shut down production.

At one point, Beets’ daughter, Monica, even pointed out that while these problems only push production back one or two days, by the end of the season, those gaps in the schedule add up.

From the looks of Tony’s reaction to the latest gold pour, the $1-million milestone only proved just how far the team still had to go.