‘Gold Rush’ Stars Are Cooking Bacon in New Preview

by Thad Mitchell

On the hit Discovery Channel reality series “Gold Rush,” the objective is pretty simple — find as much gold as you can.

In theory, that sounds pretty simple, but mining gold from underneath the earth’s surface is anything but simple. It takes a ton of hard work and dedication to turn a gold mining operation into the big payday the “Gold Rush” crew dreams. No one knows this better than “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness and his crew of gold diggers. The team spends countless hours looking through tons of broken ground for even a speck of gold. But, if you find enough of the yellow, shiny and rare metal, you will strike it rich, literally and figuratively. Ness and his crew are off to a bit of a rough start in the new season and are hoping to change their luck,

You can’t mine gold on an empty stomach so Ness and his “Gold Rush” crew fill up on a big breakfast in a new episode. The show put up a preview of the next “Gold Rush” episode on social media earlier today (Friday). The brand new episode of the hit show will air tonight at 8 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. The preview show Ness and his crew chowing down on a breakfast feast before heading out for the day.

“Time to make that bacon,” the Twitter post says while teasing tonight’s new episode.

Once finished with their early morning meal, the team will head out to the area they will be mining. Despite a slow start, the “Gold Rush” narrator tells us that Ness and his team believe they can turn their luck around. They will have to do just that if they hope to make turn a big profit this season.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Digging In With Hopes of Striking Gold

It hasn’t been the smoothest of seasons for the veteran gold miner and his crew of expert gold finders. In an episode earlier this season, Ness must hire first-time gold miners in order to further his expansive process.

While training a new rock truck driver, the driver runs the very expensive vehicle into a nearby pond. Ness is visibly shaken by the incident as he believes the driver took incorrect and unsafe actions. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident and the diver is able to safely exit the vehicle. Ness is still upset, however, believing the truck may be a total loss. Luckily, this isn’t the case and they are able to pull the truck from the pond with minimal damage. That might be a stroke of good luck the “Gold Rush” crew was looking for.

Rick Ness and his cohorts will look to get back on the right track with tonight’s brand new episode.