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‘Gold Rush’ Stars Drink Whiskey With a Human Toe in It

by Evan Reier

Drinking whiskey is fun for those who like its smooth, warm taste. Not many would venture into
drinking whiskey with added ingredients – especially if that ingredient is a human appendage.
However, for the “Gold Rush” crew, it’s tradition.

In a new post via Twitter, “Gold Rush” announced a special Klondike rite of passage the “misfits”
crew must partake in – drinking a shot of whiskey with an old human toe in it.

“I’m already sweating,” one “Gold Rush” miner says in a clip of the new episode. Footage shows
what looks like a fossilized toe being put into a shot glass as the crew has to “put their lips to it”
and drink the shot down.

Surely the crews will explain more about this tradition and why it’s an important rite of passage.
However, the brief footage just shares a glimpse into the ritual – so if you don’t have a strong
stomach, we wouldn’t suggest watching. But hey, every craft has its traditions. And if it brings
the gold, then more power to them.

One ‘Gold Rush’ Star Discusses Being His Own Boss

Earlier this season, “Gold Rush” personality Dustin Hurt became his own boss, stepping into his
father’s role. Everything he knows he learned from his father, Fred, who was an intergalactic
part in the miner’s career. The two teamed up for the “White Water” spinoff.

While Fred was an impactful leader, his age and time spent in the field was wearing on him and
he decided to retire.

Of Dustin’s newfound role he had this to say:

“Yeah, Fred didn’t want to run a crew this year,” the “Gold Rush” star says. “And it was a good
benefit for me to have two groups out there. I think I made the right choice on that. We had
some good people, and I don’t know how much I can tell you about that. But we did get some
good people. And I think it worked out just fine, the way we made it happen.”

Though the work will be daunting, Dustin and his team feel they’re prepared to take on the
mining game. They feel that Fred prepared them to take on the job.

One thing that Dustin feels keeps him grounded and successful? The star says he doesn’t
watch the show.

“…I’ve never watched the show ever, and I don’t, I don’t know that I ever will,” the “Gold Rush”
star says. “I don’t know what they show anyone because I don’t watch the show, but I can tell
you when the cameras around. I think they probably get 80, 90% of it, but it’s those clutch
moments where things really go down. If they’re in transit or you know the cameras glitching or
something of that nature. They can’t always follow us where we go because some of the places
just too dangerous for camera.”