‘Gold Rush’ Stars Explain Their Military Tattoos in Veterans Day Clip

by Jonathan Howard

This Veterans Day, there have been so many great messages and tributes. The Gold Rush vets got together to discuss their military tattoos. The video is wonderful and shows some great discussion.

The guys from Misfit Mining got together to talk about their past military experience and share the ink they got. Rick Douglas, Klint Janulis, and Stuart Mckenzie sat around a little fire pit and chewed the fat a bit.

In the video, they each share the ink they got in the military or related to their military service. Mckenzie has the most tattoos of the trio by far. His include a Purple Heart along with two arms full of other art. Klint and Douglas have more modest pieces. Each one has special meaning for these men. Reminiscing about their service seemed like a conversation you’d want to listen in on.

The video was captioned, “Tattoos are a way to always remember. To all veterans, thank you for your service, sacrifice, and courage. #VeteransDay.”

“I’m actually just happy I got them. You know what I mean? They’re a pain in the ass and a lot of upkeep, but you know, it keeps you grounded. It lets you remember the past without living there,” Stuart mentioned in the video. What a powerful statement.

The other two men agreed as they continued to talk about their past careers and the stories around their tattoos. It is a really cool video that Discovery put together and fans of Gold Rush are so hype to see it.

There are so many challenges to gold mining. However, these men have faced a lot more difficult tasks than just digging in some dirt. The season of Gold Rush continues this fall. There have been some looks at The Dirt behind the scenes as well.

‘Gold Rush’ Dave Turin Hits Potential Large Claim

In Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune the crews battle the cold to find new spots. A new claim could rake in millions for an operation. It just depends on how much gold they can find in that sweet dirt. Recently in Idaho, Dave Turin and crew were faced with a difficult task. Find a reliable location with just three test holes available.

So, they got to digging. Three holes, three chances at a big payday. While digging, the crew found a few gold flakes in the first dig. It was about $20 for 100 yards worth. That is okay, but not a big claim that will produce millions. Upon digging up dirt in the second site, that too proved futile. They hit tails, the dirt had already been dug years ago and likely no gold remained.

Finally, the third dig, is what saved the outing. Dave’s crew found 3 ounces in their test dig, which means there could be a big stash of gold right under their feet. Gold Rush viewers will have to tune in and find out if this is finally the big claim that Dave has been dying for.