‘Gold Rush’: That Time Parker Schnabel Made a Fortune Breaking a Record

by Jonathan Howard

For Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel, it seems that he has been breaking records for years now. And that’s because he has.

Since the 2018 season, he has been on an unbelievable run. The young mine boss has worked different sites and kept pushing the gold out of ht ground at an astonishing rate. In Season 9, back in 2018, Schnabel’s crew made a huge statement.

By the time the season was over, the crew knew they had done something that no one else on Gold Rush had done before. Each season is a battle to make it to the next. If there is a short season on the ounces of gold mined, then the next year might not be guaranteed for each worker. However, 2018 was the start of something special for Schnabel.

They mined 7,400 ounces of gold that was worth a staggering $8.5 million. After breaking the ounces record and the monetary record, most folks would be happy to have a regular season after that. However, the Schnabel crew goes above and beyond each time they get out there. So, the following season they followed it up with a big year money-wise.

Breaking Records Time and Time Again

Season 10 was a tough year for the crew. Schnabel was not able to break his ounces mined record from the previous year. However, due to the fact that the price of gold fluctuates and changes over time, he was able to make more money than the year before. He broke the $10 million mark for the first time.

So, he just had two seasons of back-to-back records. His crew is making all kinds of money. Each year they bring in more money means that they can celebrate and feel confident that they will have a job to return to in the next season.

Still, in season 11, they were not done setting records. The Gold Rush crew dug deep, literally, and were able to yet again break their own records. This time, they were able to scrounge up 7,500 ounces of gold. With the price during that year, they were able to make around $14 million. It just seems like his team is able to find more gold everywhere they go.

‘Gold Rush’ Season 12 Could Be More Gold

Parker Schnabel is in the middle of another season. Season 12 of Gold Rush is proving to be just as dramatic as the previous seasons. The questions still remain and no one is sure what will happen when it is all said and done.

With his deal with Tony Beets on the airstrip as well as his issues on Mud Mountain, it will be a race to the finish. Digging up all that gold and getting it processed is no joke. Schnabel and his crew are hoping to see another record-breaking season.