‘Gold Rush’: The Dirt Visits Three Different Operations in One Day

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ricardo Funari/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Usually, the Gold Rush spinoff, The Dirt, sits down with stars of the show to reflect on buzz-worthy moments that changed the dynamic of the season. But this time, host Christo Doyle decided to ditch his typical spot and instead visit the miners in their natural habitat. So, he gathered up his camera crew, loaded up the truck and headed to three separate land claims to see what the big names of the show were up to.

Among the mine bosses, Doyle decided to visit were Rick Ness, Fred Lewis, Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra.

And from the looks of the preview, it seems Doyle’s going to have his hands full with the Gold Rush crews.

So, what’s happening with these three crews?

Rick Ness and his ‘Gold Rush’ Team Show ‘There’s More to Life Than Gold Mining’

This week, Brennan Rualt from Rick Ness’ Gold Rush team is showing Doyle the ropes by placing him in the driver seat of one of the excavators. Meanwhile, his boss demonstrates how he balances work life with his social life when he takes his girlfriend, Lees Marie, for a date by the waterfall on the claim with chocolate-covered strawberries.

To him, it’s extremely important that he makes time for his loved ones.

Earlier last month, Ness further showed fans that even though he runs a tight ship during the workday, he also knows how to make the most of life on and off the land claim. During the episode, Gold Rush star even introduced his girlfriend to the show. Together, the group celebrated some time-off by shooting off a few fireworks, going fishing in Ness’ new boat and, of course, throwing back a few cold ones.

Check out all their antics in the clip below.

Meanwhile, Dustin Hurt Navigates Tough Interpersonal Conflicts

While tonight’s episode of Gold Rush: The Dirt might seem pretty relaxed, that doesn’t mean the teams aren’t still battling some tough obstacles. Recently, Dustin Hurt, head boss of the White Water crew, has had to keep his team together in spite of some heated arguments between team members.

In particular, he’s lost one of his divers, Eric Foster, after he got into an altercation with both his crew boss, Kayla Johanson and Scott Allen. Both crew members had to remind the diver to keep his nozzle under water to prevent the loss of any gold.

Watch tempers reach the boiling point below.

Obviously, the Gold Rush diver didn’t take the criticisms too well.

“Look, why are you trying to nitpick everything I’m fu**ing doing down in the water?” Foster challenged his co-workers.

“We’ve just got to be extra careful,” Johanson, said beckoning the diver to “come on over” so that they could sort the issue. Unfortunately for the team though, this never happened.