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‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Explained How His Faith in Christianity Played Factor in Career

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Ida Mae Astute/Disney-Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images) KATIE COUIC WITH REALITY STARS FROM GOLD RUSH, TODD HOFFMAN, JACK HOFFMAN, DAVE TURIN

Being in the gold mining industry certainly does take a solid amount of faith. The work is hard, the terrain is rough. And it’s not for the faint of heart. No one highlights this better than “Gold Rush” star Todd Hoffman and his crew. The miner says it takes a lot of faith to succeed – and he’s not short on faith with his Christian religion behind him.

In an interview with Business Insider, the “Gold Rush” star gave some insight about his own faith, hardships along the way, as well as his successes.

“Most of us on our team are Christians, not that we’re poster boys for the faith,” he says. “But we do encourage a lot of people in our faith…They’re watching me, and if I can encourage them by going after it, we might be able to join together and maybe change this economy.”

Hoffman has had his share of hardships throughout the years. If you’re thinking this lifestyle is easy on family, the “Gold Rush” miner says it’s anything but – pointing out his own hardships with relationships.

“I try to encourage people to go out and try it again,” he says, adding, “I’ve had a hard marriage, we’re still together but wasn’t easy. So when you realize…when I get those letters, shame on me for wanting to not do it anymore.”

Further, Hoffman really proved his faith when he was a father of three in 2008 when the housing and stock market collapsed. At the time, Hoffman knew he needed to do something quickly to make ends meet. He and his family moved to Alaska to pursue mining in hopes it would pay out. It turns out, the hard worker had a knack for mining.

He has since led crews into the harsh Alaskan mining grounds in hopes of gold – and it seems to have been a good decision.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Unsettling Feud

While Todd Hoffman has a lot of faith in the industry and leans heavily upon that – it doesn’t come without it’s trials. The show’s competing crews have seen a lot of competition. With that, comes some inevitable feuds. This includes some notable tension between Hoffman and fellow miner Parker Schnabel.

The two have notably butted heads in the “Gold Rush” seasons where the they appear. Speaking about the issue, Hoffman had this to say:

“I remember when Parker started saying some things about me. Things that you see afterward you see them play out. And you don’t want to get into that TV stuff. And at some point you realize, we’re just apples and oranges. We’re not friends. There’s a lot of things about Parker that I respect… You’re growing up, you know you’re trying to develop as a person, in the spotlight. That adds a whole other set of issues,” he says.