‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Is Returning To a New Show

by Jonathan Howard

For those that have been missing Todd Hoffman since 2018, there is good news. The Gold Rush star will return with his own brand new show.

That’s right. Todd is back. And, he’s making it a family affair. Along with his father Jack and his son Hunter, the gold miner is making his way back out to Alaska. Hoffman Family Gold will be coming to Discovery Channel in the early part of this year. So, the show could be announced at any moment.

Ever since Hoffman left the Klondike over three years ago, fans have been wondering what he’s up to. Well, wonder no more. The man that used to dig up thousands of ounces of gold is coming back for redemption.

If we’re being honest, Hoffman left Gold Rush on a bad note. It is actually very surprising to see that he will be making a return to the profession. His father and son will join him (and a big crew of miners) and perhaps replicate the success the Beets family has. It seems that Tony Beets is able to make the family mine thing work. So, why not Todd?

It has been out for a little while, but check out this teaser trailer for Todd’s return.

Get the pumps going, the water flowing, and start digging that earth. There is going to be a little more competition in Alaska. Gold mining is no joke. Only the strong survive. Todd Hoffman wasn’t able to make it work the first time. Will he have better luck the second time around? Perhaps.

Gold Rush fans are going to be very interested in his return. There might even be a crossover between the new show and the old one. If that happens, will we see a Parker Schnabel conflict?

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Never Felt Bad For Todd

One of the biggest issues for Todd Hoffman’s first go-around on Gold Rush was the time away from family. Gold isn’t found in the dirt all over the place. So, miners have to go find the gold. There’s a reason why there were so many rushes throughout history.

When it comes to sympathy, Parker Schnabel doesn’t have much for his former rival. He was asked a while ago if he felt bad for Todd.

“Not really. You know, he left a very successful season in the Yukon. There’s a reason that we all come up here to mine… you can’t always get what you want as far as being close to home and finding all the gold. If it were as simple as that, everybody would be millionaires from gold mining, right?”

To summarize, Schnabel said, “You gotta go where the gold is.” Does the return of Todd Hoffman mean he is ready to make those sacrifices? The former Gold Rush star is going back into the belly of the beast.