‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Battles a Deep Freeze for a Boulder the Size of a Car

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to mining for gold, things aren’t always easy. Gold Rush star Tony Beets knows that all too well. He once battled a car-sized boulder. It isn’t as simple as blowing the giant rock to bits either.

The Beets crew is a family affair with various members of the family helping out the patriarch, Tony. That includes Mike Beets who runs the dozer. Loading up dirt and rock into the feeder and having it processed can be difficult in the cold.

One of those issues comes up in an exclusive look with TV Showcase. As Kevin, Mike, and Tony are trying to get some dirt processed in the Hunker Cut, the dirt starts to freeze. While it isn’t looking promising, Kevin keeps at it. Before the crew knows it, there is a big piece of frozen material heading for the feeder. They can’t stop though, they have projections to me and have to, “rip, rip, rip,” according to the youngest Beets son.

As the frozen chunk, the size of a car threatens to end the Gold Rush operation, the crew springs into action. They have to get water into that feeder and try to melt that chunk before it rattles the entire project and prevents work from being done. The crew is demoralized by the issues that keep popping up.

Despite the problems with the frozen chunks of material, they have to keep pushing. Kevin Beets, in a preview of the episode coming up, had some words for the problems at hand.

“Amazing. It’s f-king amazing. Now, this is the last thing we need right now. We only have the trommel going. I mean, it is a big producer, but the big producers are producing, you got f–k all.” Sounds like trouble for the Gold Rush stars.

‘Gold Rush’ Boulder Threatens Todd Hoffman Operation

Boulders and boulder-sized objects are not unusual for the Gold Rush crews. The various teams have had to deal with busting up rocks in the past. When you can’t use explosives, then you have to improvise and find other ways to move rocks out of the way.

It was a Todd Hoffman crew that found themselves facing a car-sized boulder. The big rock was preventing the material from being processed because the equipment could not get through the area. So, Todd and his team sprang into action. They got a chemical mixture designed to pour into rocks in order to make them crack and split. The crew poured it in, covered it up overnight, and returned the next day.

When they removed the covering from the rock they saw multiple, deep cracks in the stone. So, they got their equipment fired back up and pushed that sucker piece by piece down the hill. It granted them access to their dig site and was an informing and interesting process for Gold Rush viewers.