‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Saves His Expensive Operation with a 20-Cent Solution

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

The crews on Gold Rush have to sometimes find any way to get by. Shutting down for just a bit means losing tons of money. Tony Beets knows how to keep moving on.

Beets and his crew were trying to wash out black mud and find more gold at Paradise Hill. The Beets family is always hard at work. Including the King of the Klondike himself. They had multiple backhoes and machinery going to run through the dirt and mud.

On the other side, they hope to find those yellow specs that make them their money. All was going well…until their water pressure dropped dramatically. No water, no gold. The pump looked like it was done for. However, that’s when Tony made a move. The veteran of Gold Rush saw that the throttle handle had broken off.

They just couldn’t wait around for a welder and they couldn’t risk stopping for the day. The operation needed to go on. Like any good working man, Beets turned to a cheap solution to get through to the end. Two zip ties will run you about 20 cents. Tony’s operation is going to pull at least a million dollars worth of gold. Check out the video below.

Next to duct tape, zip ties might be the handyman’s number one tool. Seriously, they can do a lot and while they are mostly a temporary fix, temporary has a loose definition out on the worksite, farm, boat, or wherever else people work under tough conditions. When it comes to making money, those quick fixes will work.

Meanwhile over at Mud Mountain, Parker Schnabel and the crew are making tough decisions about how to tackle the difficult site.

‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Makes Wash Plant Decision

Over the years, Schnabel has made a name for himself. The young mine owner has proven himself to be quite a leader. Over the last few seasons, he has continued to set records. He digs out more gold and makes more money seemingly every year. Now, the Gold Rush star has made a huge decision.

Mud Mountain is a tough place to dig. However, there could be millions and millions of dollars worth of gold just under the surface. So, he made the decision to stop running Sluicifer. The sluice machine processes tons of material for the crew.

The idea is that they need more crew members at Mud Mountain. They have to get it done this season or it is going to be a big failure. So now those workers will run Big Red in order to make the numbers that Schnabel needs to hit this year. He is always trying to dig up more and more. So, will the Gold Rush star make out alright this season? We’ll have to wait and see.