‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Needs a Change of Fortune To Recover from a Major Blow

by Hannah Heser

On the new edition of Gold Rush, Tony Beets, the Dutchman, has a situation where he is down millions of dollars. Therefore, he needs a reversal of fortune to keep his family on the business.

You might be wondering, ‘Is Tony Beets due for a break?’ Well, halfway through the new season, he was struggling to recover from a financial blowout. He spent more than five million dollars on new equipment, so he could open his Indian River Claims. Unfortunately, he was denied a water license. This situation was turning into a disaster for the Beets’ family.

The Eighty Pup Cut is a section of Paradise Hill on the new season of Gold Rush. Tony Beets and his crew are in the middle of this season and they are getting ready for the Eighty Pup Cut to get mined out. Last season, he pulled 2,000 ounces out of the mega cut. He was convinced that the previous section would be the richest in gold. However, disaster hit hard before he was able to mine it.

“What was the disaster?”

Water filled up the dirt dams and cuts, so they could not process any pay-dirt.

Gold Rush airs every Friday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. Don’t miss tonight’s episode to find out what messy situation Tony Beets is in this week.

Tony Beets’ Family Life

In a recent episode, he mentioned that his kids are very important to him. He would be lost without them in his life.

Tony Beets grew up with his wife, Minnie Beets. They first met each other when his family moved next door to her family’s home in Burgwerd, Friesland. They have now been married for more than four decades. If that isn’t goals, I’m not sure what is.

The reality star wanted to find a better job, so the couple packed up and headed to Canada in 1980. He started working a farm job but decided to leave after a few months to take on gold mining. Minnie Beets is in charge of handling the company’s paperwork and accounting.

After their careers took off, they were blessed with five children; Bianca, Kelvin, Mike, Monica and Jasmine. Jasmine passed away three months after she was born and Tony Beets tattooed her name, birth and death dates on his hands.

The rest of the Beets gang, except for Bianca are following in their father’s footsteps by joining the gold mining business. Meanwhile, Bianca prefers to stay out of the spotlight and do her own thing.

Furthermore, Monica Beets, his daughter, brought her first child into the world this year. She posted a picture of her pretending to drive a car on someone’s lap on Facebook.

Future Plans For Gold Rush

The show is set to premiere on Discovery and Discovery+ early next year. Gold Rush is currently in its 12th season with more episodes coming soon. At the end of the day, Tony Beets doesn’t think he’ll ever retire. He wants to mine gold forever because it’s one of his passions.