‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets Has a Rain Problem in Upcoming Episode

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

It looks like one of the Gold Rush captains will need some help. See, Tony Beets has found himself with a problem involving the rain.

Beets is one of the more interesting captains on the show. Well, let us get a little insight into this situation with the help of an article from TV Shows Ace.

It seems that water and annoying weather are getting the best out of this Dutchman. What is happening? Tony Beets on Gold Rush is losing some cash. Heavy rain is flooding the cut and soaking the pay. Beets compares it all to building materials like cement. It is not an easy gig.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Has Been Dealing With Water Issues Throughout Season

So, the Gold Rush star is joining with his crew to move this “wet cement.” In turn, they are not processing gold. Watching all this go down is a reminder that water has been an issue for Beets and his crew the entire season. Obviously, fans know that this episode just follows the last one that had a broken trommel plate put a dent in the gold tally.

We do see Beets driving a bulldozer. He is not happy about the rain. On Gold Rush, he says, “We can get it [pay dirt] to the feeder that’s about it when it turns wet. We are pretty much trying to move wet cement around. That’s how bad it gets sometimes.”

What is going on here? We get some clarity from Tony’s son Michael: “It’s hard to get in and out of the cuts because it’s so slippery it costs a lot of time, and so it costs Tony a lot of money.”

Beets Just Expresses His Displeasure Over Having To Deal With Rain Again

Then, father Tony says, “Yeah, it’s p***ing the rain again, so give it a couple of hours and everything [will] be a soup bowl again that we gotta deal with it once and for all.

“Try and make a little ditch, so all the water stays on one side,” he says. “And unless you drain most of the cut, we’re going to pump all the water out, and we’re going to put a proper drain in the cut so we can actually get our pay [dirt] out of here.”

Gold Rush sees Beets go up against Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis for top producer this season. The captains are well aware of what needs to be done out in the field. But every one of them will have tests and trials on their way to collecting gold and money. Who comes out on top? It really is a test of strength and will on the show.