‘Gold Rush’: What to Expect on This Week’s New Episode

by Joe Rutland

All of you “Gold Rush” fans here on Outsider can get ready for a new episode this week as we see who’s getting busy in the gold mines.

Let’s all get some details with help from The Cinemaholic.

Those mining options are looking solid for captain Parker Schnabel. What about Tony Beets, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis?

Tony is still waiting for his water license so they might be limited. Fred now owns two excavators and we’ll have to see how that plays out in his search for gold. And for Rick? He’s still plugging away and hoping to beat those other teams by gathering the most gold.

“Gold Rush” episodes can be seen on its website on The Discovery Channel. Fans who have a Hulu streaming service also can watch present and past episodes.

This new episode will air on Friday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on Discovery.

‘Gold Rush’ Miner Schnabel Reveals Which Experience Felt Like Dawson City Event

As you know, “Gold Rush” captain Schnabel has been on the show for a number of seasons. His success while mining for gold is worth admiring.

But he even has experiences that can make him feel like he’s part of historic gold rushes. Case in point, Schnabel mentions one experience that made him feel like he was part of the famed Dawson City Gold Rush.

Schnabel chatted with Fox News and talked about mining operations and the different ones he’s been a part of through the years.

He calls it unreal. “It’s like being in the Dawson City gold rush 120 years ago,” Schnabel added.

If you think you are seeing him more on TV, then it’s not an illusion.

Schnabel has his own spin-off show, “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” that is on Discovery.

What about these different environments that Parker Schnabel and his team face all the time?

There are challenges. “The big thing is with the heat and the jungle environment,” Schnabel said. He also mentions that there are many things out in the African wilderness that either will maim or kill a person.

On “Parker’s Trail,” he goes to different environments for gold mining.

Ness Had To Get Past Mother’s Death Just Ahead of His First Season as a Mine Captain

Speaking of Schnabel, his old team member, Rick Ness, now heads up a gold mining team himself.

Yet just before it was going to be his first season in that role, his mother died.

Ness talked about the small timeframe he had during a 2018 interview.

“Obviously, I spent the beginning of the year with my mom until she passed,” Ness said. “And then I really only had about two and a half weeks to plan for this season.”