‘Gold Rush’: What Is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth?

by Chris Haney

Fans of Gold Rush know Parker Schnabel as a gold mining prodigy who came into fame on the show at just 16 years old. His success at such a young age is the exception to the rule in an otherwise tough industry. While it isn’t the easiest life, possible riches are what attract miners to the job, and Schnabel is well-known for being good at what he does. If you’re a fan of the hit Discovery Channel series and curious about how much the young gold mining boss is worth, keep reading.

Gold Rush first premiered back in 2010 and has gone on to become the network’s most popular show. Series star Parker Schnabel has been a constant since Season 2 when his grandfather began to step away from his company. The teenager grew up around his family’s mining business and began to oversee the Big Nugget mine while still in high school as his granddad retired. It wasn’t long after when he took the reins of the family business and led a team of miners twice his age.

In Season 4 of the popular series, Schnabel left the family business and created his own mining company. At the time, he made a controversial decision to skip college and focus on his own mining business instead. He decided to venture out from his home mining area and chase the hidden treasures of the Yukon territory. Schnabel was so committed to the work that he used his college trust fund to start the operation.

The young gold miner bet on himself and won. In fact, in his very first season running his own mining operation, the reality TV star uncovered a whopping 1,029-ounces of gold.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Is Worth Millions

Ever since Parker Schnabel has been a mainstay on the Discovery Channel and on a couple of Gold Rush‘s spinoffs. From 2012 to 2016, he starred in Gold Rush: The Dirt. In addition, Parker received his own television series titled Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in 2017. He filmed four seasons of the show, but a fifth season is up in the air. Discovery has not canceled the series and has not renewed the show either, so it seems to be in limbo for now.

However, Gold Rush made its return to TV in late September for its 12th season of the top-rated Discovery reality series. Once again, Parker and his crew are back at it digging for gold in the Yukon, and there’s already been plenty of ups and downs, per usual. Yet there’s a reason he keeps coming back for more each year. That’s because when you’re good at gold mining like Schnabel is, it’s a lucrative business indeed.

By the age of 24, the Gold Rush star had already mined more than $13 million dollars worth of gold. His success at such a young age is rare in the industry. But his gold mining pedigree, workaholic lifestyle, and sheer determination have made him a rich man through the years. As a reality TV star and a producer on all three shows he’s starred on, plus his gold mining business income, Parker Schnabel is worth $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.