‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Breaks Out the ‘Super Claw’ in New Trailer

by Chris Haney
(Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In a new episode of Gold Rush: White Water, Fred Hurt and his son’s crew are breaking out a Super Claw and putting it to work.

Season 5 of the Gold Rush spinoff debuted in early November and has its sixth episode coming out on Friday. The hit Discovery Channel reality series has something special in store for fans in the newest episode. Hurt’s son, Dustin, is leading their crew in an attempt to mine gold from the white water rapids of McKinley Creek in Alaska. After some difficulties working in the water, they called in some extra help.

Gold Rush star Wes Richardson manufactured a unique piece of equipment for their specific job. The rushing waters of McKinley Creek are constantly flowing over huge rocks. The “Dakota Boys” crew needs to remove some of the enormous rocks for mining, but they’ve been smoothed out by years of water running over them. That’s where Richardson’s Super Claw comes into play.

The machinery looks like a jumbo-sized claw machine game you might see at an arcade. However, instead of pinchers coming together to grab a toy, the Super Claw is large and circular to fit around the huge smooth rocks. The team uses divers in the water to connect the Super Claw around each stone. While the team may have had some issues at first, the machine ends up working perfectly.

“The Super Claw works exactly like it’s supposed to,” Wes says to the camera. “It’s easier for the diver to open it up under the water. It works really well.”

“The Super Claw aces the test, and puts Dustin one step closer to gold,” the show’s narrator added.

Make sure to tune into Discovery or Discovery Plus on Friday to see the Super Claw in action on Gold Rush: White Water.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Dustin Hurt Opens Up About His Father Fred

In a recent interview with Gold Rush: White Water star Dustin Hurt, he opens up about his crotchety mining veteran father Fred.

Hurt spoke to Looper last month as the fifth season of the Discovery Channel spinoff series had begun. As always, the “Dakota Boys” mining crew are facing constant challenges as they mine the McKinley Creek area. While there’s already been plenty of action, fans may have noticed that Fred himself hasn’t been around this season.

“I could tell you that Fred’s starting to get — he’s almost 80 years old, and I don’t think he’s gonna be as full time as he usually is,” Dustin said of his father. “Getting up there in age just like anybody would.”

Therefore Fred Hurt is taking more of a background role in the fifth season of the series. He’s letting his son handle business, and he says things have worked out well so far for their team.

“Yeah, Fred didn’t want to run a crew this year,” Dustin added. “And it was a good benefit for me to have two groups out there. I think I made the right choice on that. We had some good people, and I don’t know how much I can tell you about that. But we did get some good people. And I think it worked out just fine, the way we made it happen.”