‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Could Encounter a Scary Accident in Preview of Friday’s Season Premiere

by Joe Rutland

Things are looking pretty scary with a possible accident as part of a season-premiere episode of “Gold Rush: White Water.”

A team is headed to their work area yet finds themselves in a Jeep-like vehicle navigating a dangerous road.

Check out their adventure in this clip of “Gold Rush: White Water.”

It’s the fifth season for this “Gold Rush” spin-off starring “Dakota” Fred Hunt and Dustin Hurt. Other gold miners on this show include Paul Richardson, Wes Richardson, Carlos Minor, Ryan Cardoza, James Hamm, and Scott Allen.

There have been numerous spin-offs over the years, Outsiders.

Let’s take a look and see their names.

They are “White Water,” “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” “Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue,” “Bering Sea Gold,” “Flying Wild Alaska,” and “Jungle Gold.” That totals up to seven spin-offs, including the new one from the “Gold Rush” original.

Tony Beets, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis are the current regular cast members. You can watch all-new “Gold Rush” shows on Fridays at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central. “Gold Rush” also is available through numerous streaming services, too.

Schnabel got involved in gold mining early in his life. Talks about it with The Malestrom.

“Yeah, we were on there a little bit right,” he said when it was pointed out that he was 15 years old at the beginning. “It’s been a very long, interesting time that’s for sure.”

Franchise That Runs ‘Gold Rush’ Started Another Show in 2021

Back in July, though, yet another “Gold Rush” spin-off popped on Discovery.

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” focused on the high-stakes gamble of “the gold-mining offseason for the first time ever.”

Who appeared on this show? Well, Dustin Hurt along with “Gold Rush” star miners Lewis and Beets. Ryan Ness and Dave Turin rounded out the group of fan-favorites on the show.

That show appeared on Discovery on July 30. The Hollywood Reporter reported that news.

This spin-off fits nicely into what regular viewers of “Gold Rush” expect to see. The spin-off premiered on July 30.

Where does it start? At the end of the mining season. Their ground freezes over so they have to prospect and purchase land ahead of next season. Gold prices rose because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gold miners were desperately trying to grab land while some were looking to create an all-new, earth-moving machine.

What can viewers expect on “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune”?

Beets is focusing on possibly spending big bucks on the machinery he uses.

Turin focuses on his search for new land to prospect. Lewis encourages his family and fellow military veterans to join him. Hurt faces stress while fearing landslides in Haines, Alaska, may have ruined his chances of finding gold.