‘Gold Rush: White Water’: The Crew Deals With Eric’s Absence in New Preview

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Equipment malfunctions are a hard enough obstacle, but add crew issues to the mix and the result can be catastrophic for the Gold Rush: White Water teams. Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what Dustin Hurt is facing with his crews.

Following a particularly explosive week, Hurt came to the dredging site with some bad news – diver Eric Foster had quit the team.

The news would have come as quite a shock had last week’s events not occurred. After all, Foster was a former Navy diver and has been a valuable part of Hurt’s team so far. But once the Gold Rush: White Water star had an altercation with a fellow crew member, Scott Allen, he decided enough was enough.

Check out the team’s reaction in the clip below.

Obviously, Foster is no amateur when it comes to gold dredging, but from Allen’s perspective, he was making a pretty rookie mistake. While sucking up the rocks for the dredge, Foster repeatedly lifted the nozzle out of the water, causing precious paydirt to fly out the back of the box. Fed up with reminding the crew member to keep the nozzle in the river, Allen raised his voice and the Gold Rush: White Water diver to “shut the f— up and do what you’re told.”

Well, before long, Foster was out of the water and flipping Allen the bird. And, apparently, that was the last that the team would see of him. However, the crew didn’t seem too frazzled by the news. As crew boss Kayla Johanson explained, if Foster didn’t want to talk about the issue with his superior then he had no place on the team anyway.

This Wasn’t the Only Recent Altercation on ‘Gold Rush: White Water’

Recently, Gold Rush: White Water star Scott Allen hasn’t been the most popular among his crew members (or fans for that matter). His hot temper has resulted in some altercations with more than just the team’s diver. This time, he turned his attention to his crew’s boss, Kayla Johanson.

When head-honcho Dustin Hurt made Johanson the supervisor of the four-person crew, Allen couldn’t hold back his emotions. He challenged the idea of the newcomer leading the team, explaining that his past experience in the Marines made him a better fit for the role.

Thankfully, though, Allen’s words did little to affect his new Gold Rush: White Water boss. Johanson continued her duties leading the team, hardly paying any mind to Allen’s grumbling.

Later, in an interview with Distractify, she described how the team dynamic was one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.

“A lot of guys just aren’t used to working under a woman, especially in this kind of a job,” Johanson shared, adding, “But I think at the end, they warmed up pretty good — but in the beginning, it was a bit rocky.”