‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Crew Faces a Life-Threatening Dive

by Courtney Blackann

There’s nothing worse than entrusting a crew with a task only to have it go horribly wrong. But Dustin Hurt of “Gold Rush: White Water” wanted to give his rookie team a chance to prove themselves on a dive, dredging for pay dirt. But things didn’t go as planned – and the dive took a life-threatening turn.

In a clip from the show, Dustin lets the newest “Gold Rush” crew they’ve got a chance to dive in a raging Alaskan river. The conditions are not ideal as the water level has risen in recent days. However, time is money. And Dustin is up against the clock.

From the very beginning, the crew struggles to keep their materials properly in the water. Hoses are getting tangled, the dredging is rough and the diver can’t stay in the same spot because of the treacherous rapids.

Across the region, another crew works diligently on their dive. Dustin oversees as the more experienced crew works to get the dive complete with the diver noting it’s “one of the hardest dives” he’s completed. However, the crew gets the job done.

Meanwhile, the rookie crew continues to struggle. With lines continuing to tangle, the diver faces a new problem. He can barely breathe as small pebbles got into his regulator line, clogging it and stealing air.

At this point, the “Gold Rush: White Water” leader is frustrated with his crew. He says this was their opportunity to show their skills – and he’s not impressed. Dustin quickly ends their failed dive. He tells them to get out of the water and get the equipment squared away.

“Gold Rush: White Water” Crew Faces Disappointment

Disappointment spreads across the faces of the rookie team, who know they made an embarrassing attempt at the dredge.

“Gold isn’t going to put itself into the box. We have to put it there. So we’ve got to get down and get dredging,” one of the divers notes.

However, on this day, it’s not going to happen. The team wraps things up, knowing full well they’ve disappointed their leader.

The Discovery show often details the harsh realities of mining. Each season, the gold miners face harsh weather conditions, rough water, and dangerous equipment. One mistake could be life-threatening. This is why fellow “Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel says there are two rules miners must follow in order to be successful.

The first is that “alcohol/drug abuse at work, not being punctual or not coming back on time from days off, abusing company equipment/vehicles, just plain not adhering to the basics of work rules in a camp,” he says.

He also adds about following a chain of command that:

“If I let someone go for something other than point #1, it’s usually because a manager has asked me to (or, requested to swap an employee for someone else which is basically telling me they don’t want that person at the portion of the site they are responsible for), and if someone quits, it’s usually because they don’t want the lifestyle. Pretty simple at the end of the day,” Schnabel shared.