‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Faces ‘Double the Danger’ in New Preview of Friday’s Episode

by Amy Myers

For the first time in his career, Gold Rush: White Water star Dustin Hurt has decided to deploy two teams at once at his gold dredging site. And while this can double his income, it also doubles the risk for his employees. Two dredges in the water mean that there’s more room for both machine and human failure. If either the dredge or a diver makes a mistake, it could end in expensive and even deadly results.

And lately, the risks seem to outweigh the reward. Ahead of Friday’s new episode of Gold Rush: White Water, the show dropped a clip that demonstrated the kind of trouble that Hurt’s teams will find themselves in.

In the video, one team ran into an issue when the diver had no communication with the rest of the crew. For some reason, the rest of the team could hear him, but he couldn’t hear them. This could be incredibly dangerous for the diver because his coworkers will have no way of alerting him if there are any obstacles in the water or problems with the dredge. So, in order to prevent any problems, veteran dredger Kayla Johanson decides to guide the diver towards the hose where he can safely exit the water.

But without any line of communication, the diver could only rely on the fellow Gold Rush: White Water’s gestures underwater. Unsure of what Johanson was trying to tell him, he ended up taking off his helmet in the rapids, a huge safety risk. Clearly flustered, the diver began cursing as soon as he surfaced.

‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Takes Yet Another Huge Risk

Rain and white water gold dredging do not mix well. But that didn’t stop Hurt and his Gold Rush crew from chugging ahead anyway in an effort to reach their season goal.

Precipitation provides two added obstacles for the White Water teams, who are already facing powerful, Class 5-plus rapids. For the teams that stand on the rocks beside the raging river, there’s an obvious slipping hazard, and the ground they land on is very unforgiving. Meanwhile, for the divers, the rain means even stronger rapids and swifter water, as higher water levels push through the small channels between the sharp rocks.

All the while, the area around the Chilkat Mountains released a flood warning, further emphasizing the danger of the situation. Thankfully, once Hurt hears word of this through the radio, he finally pulls the plug on the operation and gets his team to pack up.