‘Gold Rush: White Water’: Dustin and the Team Are Getting Desperate in New Preview of Friday’s Episode

by Jonathan Howard

One of the themes across this week’s Gold Rush: White Water and the original show has to be desperation and doing things you wouldn’t normally do.

Dustin and his team will go through a hard time with a giant rock in the middle of their stream. The white rapids of Alaska are not always kind. Mining is a dangerous job, but when you throw in raging waters and sharp, jagged rocks, it ups things even higher. The rocks in the water are thin, they are sharp, and can be dangerous.

Dustin had to spend hours attempting to move a boulder. The only question that remained was whether he would risk diving in the water while the rock remained. After spending so much time making little progress, what he chose isn’t surprising. Check out the clip below from the Gold Rush: White Water Twitter account.

Dustin is seen talking to the rock in the clip. He has clearly had enough messing with the boulder. He started to throw little pieces off here and there. However, it was clear that this rock would require special tools. So, they got the drill ready. Then, they planted some charges in the rock. When that didn’t work, Dustin got the sledgehammer out.

Despite cracking the giant boulder, it wasn’t moving a bit. Diving under the water with that rock looming over is dangerous. Mother Nature is the ultimate mover of boulders and rocks. Those rapids could release that stone and send it flying on top of the miners.

The White Water star isn’t the only one in the Gold Rush family dealing with frustrations. Parker Schnabel has his work cut out for him as well.

Parker Schnabel Takes Big Risk on Mud Mountain

Now, Mud Mountain isn’t quite what we see from Dustin and his team on Gold Rush: White Water. However, there is a big risk that Schnabel will have to take this Friday. While the crew on the rapids deals with a giant and potentially deadly boulder, Schnabel’s crew has a different issue.

To get the gold they want out of Mud Mountain, the team has to do something they have NEVER done. They are shutting down a wash plant in the middle and peak of the season. Despite it being the perfect time to run Sluicifer, the Schnabel team needs all hands on deck at Mud Mountain. If his risk pays off, he’s looking at millions. If it doesn’t, well, let’s hope he finds some gold elsewhere.

New ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ This Friday

Fans will not have to wait long to catch the new episode of Gold Rush: White Water. The new episode featuring the clip above will be in the middle of a big night of gold mining. The original show gets things started at 8 PM EST.

Then Gold Rush: White Water takes up the middle of the nightly schedule. Finally, we will see another new episode of The Dirt. Fridays are for gold, and Discovery has viewers covered with a whole night.